10 Ridiculous Joe Biden Moments

Photo by Stefano Garau from Shutterstock

If you remember well, Joe Biden admitted to being “a gaffe machine” back in 2018. In all of his 47 years of public life, our current President of the United States has let his tongue a bit loose, at least in certain moments.

While many supporters believe that Biden’s verbal stumbles are extremely endearing, his chronic case of foot-in-mouth can sometimes reveal his ornery side. There are many examples of Biden losing his temper in front of journalists.

And yes, it’s true, sometimes it’s not very hard to lose your temper in front of a journalist. Even so, it’s worth mentioning some of the biggest outbursts Biden has ever had.

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5 thoughts on “10 Ridiculous Joe Biden Moments”

  1. Richard Riley Cunningham

    What’s shown here is EXACTLY why I say Biden has to go. Personally, I feel that what he’s done at our southern border should be enough to charge Biden wit treason, have him charged, convicted and spend a very long time in prison. He took an oath to protect this country and it’s people. Biden has VIOLATED that oath. And as for him being able to serve as president, I’m 97 years old and know that when we hit our 80s things in the brain department, not to mention the rest of our body really starts to slow down. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Biden is definitely not one of those rules.

    1. And I find nothing “endearing” about trump and his family. If they wrote an article about Ridiculous donald trump Moments, it would have to read “”1,000 Ridiculous”.

    2. Mike Santa Cruz

      I find no human being that never makes a mistake and at his age I think he is doing the best he can so give him a break! Since you can find so many faults with him can you name a few where he has succeeded

  2. Brenda Millinger

    He is and always has been an embarrassment to this Nation, and quite possibly the most corrupt politician in history.

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