10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Hated

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Who do you think was the WORST president?

Not all US presidents are missed once they leave office. There have been many heads of state in American history, some good and some bad. But out of all of them, who should get the worst-president-ever award? In this article, we will take a look at 10 men who received this award (metaphorically speaking, of course) and see exactly what made them so unpopular.

Some led the country into unnecessary wars, others were corrupt, and still, others failed to get the job done. Whatever their reasons, these 10 men are known to be the most hated presidents in American history!

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44 thoughts on “10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Hated”

  1. Trump is the worst. His rants on Twitter, causing the Riot at Capital Hill and horrible tax cuts for the rich only.
    Before his running the comments he made about grabbing women because he was rich. He should have never been elected. ABC fired Billy Bush over that video and our country for some odd reason overlooked it and elected him President.

    1. /Ward G. Johnson

      Very true. However Camilla Harris may beat him to this list since the democrats seem to be hiding her from the general public fearing embarrassment from may erupt from her mouth next. Lets all hope and vote to remove both of them in the next upcoming presidential election.

  2. Donald Trump..Honorable mention?…………….You’ve got to be kidding……………..By far, he was the worst and most hated president ever.

  3. The list should include Woodrow Wilson, who was responsible for America’s involvement in the First World War. If the U.S. hadn’t entered the war, the Europeans would have fought to a standstill, and there would have been no financial penalties imposed on Germany. That burden led directly to Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Second World War. With his Liberty Bell Tour, Wilson whipped the nation into a pro-British frenzy that eventually led to the rise of the Nazis.

  4. I would say President Obama was one of the worst presidents. Joe Biden presently is proving to be a horrible president.

  5. Joe Biden will prove to be the most corrupt and certainly is the most incompetent president in history. He’s accomplished this designation in less than 2 years in office.

  6. Trump tops this list. He has to be one of the most selfish, narcissistic persons on earth. He has lost millions, if not billions of dollars with his own company and wants to lead the US for a second term?! He is a liar and he is corrupt as he places his needs and his family’s need above what is best for the American people. He has divided the American people rather than united them. He dines with the likes of Fuentes and “Ye” which sends the message that he endorses racism and antisemitism. He has controlled the minds and emotions of American people by endorsing baseless conspiracy theories. He shouldn’t ever be allowed to be the president of the world’s greatest democratic government. He acts like a third world dictator and perhaps that’s where he needs to be……a place where he cannot cause harm to any US citizen ever again!

  7. I vote for D. Trump as the #1 most hated president ever. He is a criminal, tax evader, lied. And a thief that has stolen classified documents not to mention millions of dollars from Americans.

  8. Biden should be included on this list! Recession, releasing a dangerous killer and leaving an American that fought for our country, spending billions of dollars over seas when our own people are starving, losing jobs, and businesses going under.

  9. Donald Trump and James Buchanan worst presidents in history. Also on the list: Jimmy Carter U. S. Grant and Herbert Hoover. Trump is the worst BY FAR.

  10. I’m torn between Nixon And TRUMP, Nixon was a sneakie one did a lot of under the table deals and didn’t really didn’t have a great number of citizens that would have voted for him . Trump on the other hand was and still is ALL FOR TRUMP no matter who he stepped on screwed up deals that although weren’t perfect they helped us, climate change, nuelear agreements, Texas wall, finance deals that favored the rich ,and screwed the middle class. Favored the insurrction on January 6 th and would not except the fact that He lost the election and did so much to over turn the results that I personal thought were violating the Constitution Combining all the things that He loust up . I would say take away all his rights as an american citizen and place Him on a ship that never docked in any american port. Edward Evert Hales creation come to life.

  11. Trump has to be the worst. What other president would oversee an insurrection against the government and and advocate a dissolution of the constitution with lies that he won an election to satisfy his ego.

  12. There is no doubt that Trump was the most corrupt, lying twice impeached self serving president by far. He tore families apart and divided this country like no other president ever has. He couldn’t accept his loss and instigated the insurrection at the capital that caused the death of 5 people /officers defending it. He still has his base believing it and it has taken over the republican party because of their feat of that base. He makes Bush look like a choir boy.

  13. I think it would be more interesting to turn this around and determine who were the most loved and admired president’s in American history. Reasons to hate are easy to identify while finding reasons for respect and admiration are more difficult, especially where politicians are concerned.

  14. Definitely Trump was the worse. First the only President to organize and support an insurrection, including the breaking into the capitol. The only President to be impeached twice. He clearly took classified documents, and as of today’s date, has lied about having even more documents and Is refusing to cooperate with turning them back to the government. Probably the most corrupt President who totally enriched himself at the expense of taxpayers. P


  16. I think the most hated President is Joe Biden. He has done and continues to do nothing that benefits citizens of the United States. His closure of the Oil Pipeline has led to unprecedented Inflation. His withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the deaths of our military and showed a very weak President. Biden only helps illegal immigrants with his open border and does nothing for Americans. His wall at the Delaware beach was paid by US Taxpayers and our border wall is wide open. Hopefully Biden (worst President ever) will resign or be replaced in the near future by a more capable person.

  17. I feel President Trump is one of the most hated Presidents by many in the US, but not all, and that is probably why he didn’t make the list of 10. There are many Americans who recognize themselves in him, I believe, I also believe he allowed people to express hatreds that had been suppressed for a long time, i.e. blacks, gays, immigrants.

  18. Are you kidding me! There was no suggestion for a tax reduction for the rich. It was signed into law by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Making the rich…RICHER!! No suggestion about who is and will always be his first priority, the RICH… not the middle class, not the widows, not the Veterans (me) and not those who need social programs. If we all fell disappeared off this planet, I am sure he would be happy!

  19. Trump is or will be tthe most hated US President because his role in the January 7
    revolt will be fully revealed once he is tried for treason. He continuously demonstrated being unfit for office by virtue of his being a congenital liar,
    a bully, his penchant for wanting more power and his demagogic preference for ruling rather than governing. He was lazy, uninformed , impulsive, petulent and many of his advisers considered him a moron when it came to an understanding of history and issues

  20. Actually D>J> TRUMP should be the worst. He is Anti-American & tried to overthrow our election & our Democracy…Not even caring about the Rule of Law and destroy our Constitution. I’ve never seen in my 76 years a more hateful person, and disrespect for anyone not White. His stupidity almost destroyed this country & our Congress, and any decency of that office. I place it as SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING to any real American. As a veteran I can see and feel his Hate for America.

  21. Judy Frazer Brouillette

    Trump is not only the most corrupt and inept president in the history of our country, but he is a traitor to our country, colluding with the Russians to win his own election and inciting an insurrection which caused damage to our Capitol building and loss of life. He refused the orderly transfer of power when he was defeated and commited illegal acts to overturn the election of Biden. He caused our country to lose the respect of our allies by choosing our enemies over our friends.

  22. You people that say President Trump is the worst have you been living in the same county everyone else has the USA for the last year. Between that senile clown and his side kick the hyena we are in the worst position our country has seen in over 40 years. Biden is worse than Obama and that’s saying something.

  23. Trump was the worst! Nevertheless, all he did was allow most White People to Openly show their Racisms Prejudice and dis-tolerance for anyone different. Most of all, show there true belief that even though their ancestors All came here from someplace else, they really feel that this country belongs to them and everyone else is imposing .

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