10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Hated

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9. John Adams

John Adams, the second president of the US, is most known for leading America into the Quasi-War with France. It all began with American ships being assaulted by French privateers, resulting in an undeclared war between the two sides.

But the truth is that Adams’ decision to go to war with France was without justification. They didn’t attack American soil, nor did they do anything that warranted a declaration of war.

In spite of that, Adams was convinced that France was about to invade America, so he dispatched a team of diplomats to Paris to settle the matter. Once the diplomats got there, the French imprisoned them.

This fortunately didn’t last long; when they got back home, they informed Adams that France had no plans to invade America. But it was too late — the Quasi-War had already started.

Adams’ actions led to American sailors being killed, ships being attacked, and millions of dollars being lost.

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