3 Golden Rules You Have to Consider When You Go Shopping

April 19, 2019

Grocery shopping can be really unpleasant for some people, while others enjoy it.  The biggest problem is that we often put in our shopping cart so many unhealthy and unnecessary stuff we don’t actually need.

Everyone has been through this situation where food goes to waste. You are throwing it away just because you bought more than you need, or you chose unhealthy products that do your body no good. In order to not experience the regret after, I suggest planning your grocery shopping better.

Here are 3 golden rules that can make grocery shopping much easier:

1.Plan your meals in advance

If you are a spontaneous person, unorganized or rather just busy all the time, first of all, you should relax. I do not suggest that you completely change your lifestyle.

By planning what you want to eat in advance doesn’t mean that you should cook all three main meals of the day and store it in the fridge. It would be helpful to write down what you would want to eat for the next days. With the menu clearly in mind, you will know exactly what you need to buy. This way you won’t spend so much on foods you do not need.

Moreover, you have the advantage of always having fresh products on the table. Fresh food is always better than canned food and old meat kept in the refrigerator for weeks.

Or, if you do weekly shopping, just buy the products you’ll want on the table. However, be sure to buy both fresh products for the beginning of the week and some that you can store until the weekend. 

Do not forget that many frozen vegetables such as peas, carrots, corn, beans etc. are frozen almost immediately after they have been harvested, keeping the vitamins intact. So it would not hurt to have two bags in the refrigerator for days when you do not know what to cook.

2. Attention to store areas

Many of the supermarkets generally have a predictable appearance. They have pretty much the same organization. Basically, the areas are divided into fruits and vegetables, delicacies, meat and frozen foods.

I recommend you to know them, so you will be able to avoid the unhealthy food sectors. Then, load your shopping cart with the five groups of foods your body needs. I refer to vegetables, fruits, grains (cereals), lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, milk, yogurt, cheese.

3. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry

It is perhaps the most important advice, even though I left it to the end. If you are hungry, you are more tempted to make impulsive choices to fill your stomach quickly. The problem is, of course, that these food choices are often unhealthy.

You’ll be craving for chips, chocolate, sausages or other processed meat that do not belong in your shopping cart. It’s no wonder since you can realize only when you get to shopping that you haven’t eaten anything all day.

Do not forget, however, that an unhealthy snack can sabotage all your attempts to live healthier – the exercises made in the morning, healthy meals that you have planned weekly, avoiding sweets during the day … in just 15 minutes you can sabotage all efforts.

If you did not have time to eat anything before shopping, make a habit and instead of buying an unhealthy sandwich, a croissant or a pretzel, choose a banana or an apple. It is a much more healthier option. Plus, fruit vitamins can give you the energy you need throughout the day (without the risk of getting sick or getting fat).