4 Difficult Life Lessons That You Will Learn Many Times

June 21, 2019

Photo credits: NeONBRAND

Most life lessons are learned once. You go through an important experience, take with you everything you’ve done and apply further. But is it always so?

There are difficult life lessons that every person has to go through several times. Either to learn better, or to learn something that, last time, escaped them.

Life is not always pink. It brings us important lessons to grow constantly and to be prepared for more difficult experiences. Sometimes the bubble in which we live breaks and we realize that we are meant to do the things that are really important for both us and those who are joining us in this journey called “life.”

Often, the hard experiences in our lives are the best teachers. A bad experience is not necessarily a bad thing, because it can help you evolve emotionally and mentally.

Here are 4 difficult life lessons that you have to learn over and over again!

1. Thin and constant habits are more effective than large and inconsistent movements

This valuable lesson can be applied in almost every situation. Do you want to have a beautiful and healthy body in which to feel good? A sporadic week to eat only salads and do sports until exhaustion will not help you. Instead, if you go to the gym twice a week and eat steadily healthy, you will get results.

Do you want to reach a higher place in your career and become a professional? Learn a little every day and step out of that comfort zone. A quick and intense series of expensive courses will not help you evolve from one day to the next.

Patience and consistency are difficult life lessons, which you will need to learn all the time and cultivate them more and more often.

With steady but sure steps, with confidence and with much perseverance, things will always be in your favor.

2. The people you spend most of your time with have a very strong influence on you

You’ve heard the saying “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, aren’t you?” However, it seems that this lesson remains very hard to learn.

Whether you remain in a toxic love affair or have inappropriate friendships, you will always have the tendency to repeat past mistakes.

It is also said that we repeat a mistake as many times as we need to learn the lesson. Maybe you’ve often told yourself, “I can not believe it’s happening to me again”, it’s because you haven’t changed anything in your attitude.

Some people appear in your life for a purpose: you have something to learn from each other. However, it’s important to figure out when to say ”stop!”.

When you feel that your family does not help you evolve, but on the contrary, keep you on the spot or they affect you in a negative way, it’s time to move on. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate your growth!

3. Changes are not a bad thing, they help you grow healthy

People have a strong tendency to avoid any change. Whether we’re talking about relationships, career, hobbies or just a new hairstyle, we have the impression that everything that’s different is scary and bad.

It’s normal to experience some level of anxiety and emotion when you try something new, but you don’t have to worry and quit. Overcome your limits and discover a new world of opportunities!

Dare to have trust in yourself, what would you do if you left all your fears aside? Would your life be different?

We know it’s not easy, but that’s the charm. That is why accepting the changes is one of those difficult life lessons that you will go through a few times before fully learning them. You will be in constant growth and that’s great! Anything that seems difficult or impossible now will soon amuse you.

4. That inner voice you ignore is always right

You know very well what it is about. You are in a difficult situation, you do not know what decision to make, and a small, but firm voice, still resounds in your mind and gives you definite advice.

It’s nothing but your own intuition that guides you to the perfect solution. Often, you ignore it or make it silent, because your ego interferes, much more noisy, with all sorts of toxic thoughts.

However, you will have to learn, over time, to make friends with that voice and to work together, even if sometimes it is not very comfortable.

Acceptance is the key to inner balance. You have to understand that as defined by facts, not by thoughts, they have intentions, they live without limits and you will find the satisfaction you need every day.