5 Best and 5 Worst Presidents of All Time

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George Washington

If it wasn’t for Washington, we would have spent our 4th of July sipping tea and eating scones. But in all seriousness, America was always destined to be independent.

Even so, we wouldn’t have accomplished anything great in 1776 without George Washington. Also, he saved us once more in 1783, by crushing the Newburgh Conspiracy.

Not to mention that he wasn’t even a president at the time. Throughout Washington’s two terms, he kept his hand steady and firm, leading the nation to the light through many dangerous events.

If you want to know more about George Washington’s life, watch the documentary “Washington: a Life” by Ron Chernow (2010).

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12 thoughts on “5 Best and 5 Worst Presidents of All Time”

  1. I would bump Ike to 6th best, and move Theodore Roosevelt to FDR’s spot. On the worst list I would put Barack Obama somewhere on the list. Actually, I believe the 5 worst list should be expanded to 10.

  2. You missed Trump under worse president ever! Hard to miss him since he lied almost 40,000 times while in office and almost took back the presidency, that he lost fair and square, through a violent insurrection. You can’t be a chicken Shit like everyone else or this country and the democracy we stand for will soon perish. Grow a pair dude!

  3. Ronald Reagan was one of the worst presidents ever. He was responsible for arming and training the contras. He made the rich richer and the poor poorer. He almost eliminated the middle class. We are still paying for his programs. Ollie North brought heavy drugs into the US (at Reagans request). Instead of going to jail, he ran for public office…and won. He was behind the prisoners being held captive until after the election. No Mr Nice Guy!! There’s more!

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