7 Grocery Items That Are Unbelievably Unhealthy

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According to Shapiro, sodas are nothing less than a high-sugar product that will provide you with “zero health benefits”. Plus, it has been directly linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and many other chronic health conditions. It has tons of artificial colors and various forms of sweeteners. Plus, she strongly believes that sodas aren’t only inexpensive, but they’re also very addictive and unhealthy.

Nutri grain bars

These Nutri grain bars are “marketed as a very healthy snack” when in reality, it contains more than six different types of sugar, and we’re talking about the quantity of sugar in only one bar. As Shapiro mentioned, “it might have “whole grains”, but it also has guar gum and other inflammatory ingredients that will make it less than healthy and definitely ultra-processed.”

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