8 Spices That Help You Lose Weight

February 12, 2019

Are you trying to drop a few pounds? Did you know that some spices can help you? Find out what these are and how it works. Seasonings are often the secret of delicious food, but they can also help you lose extra pounds.

We use them to give a special taste to our food, but how many of us know that spices can help us get rid of extra pounds? They stimulate the burning of fats and inhibit appetite, favoring weight loss.

A study in 2003 showed that less than one teaspoon of cinnamon a day can boost the body’s ability to lose weight (by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood) and process carbohydrates. In addition, it lowers cholesterol and prevents the metabolic syndrome, commonly found in pre-diabetics. However, before you start to eat cinnamon every day, you have to consider something: it contains a substance called coumarin, which can damage the liver if it is consumed in very large quantities!


The main ingredient in hot pepper has long been studied. It can burn fat and scatter the central nervous system to produce heat in the body. This leads to an increase in calorie burning. Moreover, this spice reduces the appetite. In other words, when you consume something spicy you saturate more often, so you eat less.

Capsaicin, the compound that gives it the specificity of hot pepper, has been shown to reduce fat in the body and suppress appetite. A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that daily consumption of capsaicin releases you from the discomfort of the abdomen. You can add a pinch of hot pepper to the meat or fish cooked in the oven. Excessive use (over 15 grams per day) can irritate the intestinal tract.

Black pepper

Among the dozens of benefits provided by this common ingredient is its ability to improve digestion and absorb nutrients in body tissues. In addition, its main component stimulates fat metabolism up to 8% for several hours after ingestion. We recommend that you use ground pepper, because it has the highest concentration of piperine.

A powerful compound that gives black pepper the characteristic hotness and quick taste, pepper, has been used for centuries in medicine to treat numerous diseases, including inflammation and digestive problems. Following several studies, it was concluded that piperine may have the ability to prevent the formation of new fat cells, favoring the decrease in fat around the abdomen. Season with black pepper grilled meat and lettuce to get rid of extra pounds.


It is rich in allicin, which lowers cholesterol and stops fat deposition. Unfortunately, allicin is lost if garlic is added to food during boiling, so be careful how you eat it!


Oregano is a perennial herb that belongs to the same plant family as mint, basil, thyme, rosemary and sage. It contains carvacrol, a powerful compound that may help boost weight loss. One study in mice on a high-fat diet that either contained carvacrol or not found that those that received carvacrol gained significantly less body weight and body fat than the control group. Carvacrol supplements were also found to directly impact some of the specific genes and proteins that control fat synthesis in the body.

Mustard seeds

Helps stimulate metabolism and rapid fat burning thanks to its thermogenic properties. Scientists from the Oxford Polytechnic Institute of England have found that a teaspoon of mustard (containing about 5 calories) can stimulate metabolism by up to 25% for several hours after a meal. The benefits that mustard seeds have on body fat deposits are due to phytochemicals that give the flavor characteristic of this food. Use mustard seeds in combination with vinegar to get a tasty and healthy salad dressing.


Used for a long time for its medicinal properties, ginger is also an effective diuretic. It improves gastric mobility and prevents the absorption of cholesterol. Often used in folk medicine as a natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments, some research indicates that ginger could aid weight loss as well. One review of 14 human studies showed that supplementing with ginger significantly decreased both body weight and belly fat.

Another review of 27 human, animal and test-tube studies also concluded that ginger may help lower weight by increasing metabolism and fat burning while simultaneously decreasing fat absorption and appetite.


It can neutralize toxic compounds in animal products if they are prepared at high temperatures. In addition, you can cultivate it at home, in a pot, to have a nice smell in the room.


Contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that control blood sugar and insulin levels. Specialists say this spice helps you get rid of extra pounds and detoxifies the body. Sprinkle cinnamon on oatmeal and consume it in the morning to control your appetite. Cinnamon lowers blood glucose. At the same time, specialist doctors warn that it is not good to consume too much cinnamon because it has a blood thinning effect, which can lead to circulatory problems.