Advice from Nutritionists: 9 Foods to Avoid at All Costs

May 3, 2019

You already knew that white bread and fries were not healthy. But do not you want to get other tips from nutritionists and know what food they avoid?

Even if some of these foods may sound healthy, BrightSide nutritionists explain why it is not advisable to consume them.

Tips from nutritionists: 9 foods that they never eat

1. Fruit yogurt

Commercial fruit yogurt is the first food that nutritionists never eat. That’s because dairy products are healthy, but not when they contain refined added sugar. And fruit yogurts in the market have added sugar, so it is preferable to eat simple yogurt to combine it with fresh fruit.

2. White rice

Specialists claim that white rice is exactly the same as white bread from a nutritional point of view: both contain simple carbohydrates that promote weight gain. Choose full or wild rice if you like rice, and avoid the white one.

3. Dressings

Have you noticed how different is the tomato sauce made in the house compared to ketchup? The same can be remarked with mustard, mayonnaise or tartar in the trade. Their textures are different, as are the tastes, because they contain quite large amounts of sugar. Nutritionists explain this by making it cheaper for a producer to add sugar than fresh tomatoes to get a good taste.

4. Dried fruits or chips

Although fruit chips have become more and more sought after by dieters, it should be known that they are not as dry as you might think. Basically, banana cakes are fried in oil just like potato chips, so they can contain more calories than a fresh banana. Also, fruits are subjected to a chemical process before being dried, which increases their shelf life three times. Before buying dried fruits, be careful about the bright color they have: for example, naturally dehydrated apricots will never be orange, but dark brown because they oxidize. And if the fruits are dry, then they can not have a soft texture. Take these few tips the next time you buy dried fruit.

5. Grapes

Even though it sounds weird, it seems that nutritionists do not consider grapes to be part of the healthy food category. They are very sweet and it is very easy to consume them in excessive quantities, which is why nutritionists never eat grapes. Or if they consume them, then they recommend not to eat them in large quantities and not to mix them with cucumbers, melons, fat and milk.

6. Fish cooked wrong

Fish is rich in healthy fats, but when fried or smoked it loses most of the omega-3 acids. Nutritionists say that fish in the oven or stuffy has the highest amount of healthy fats, these being the two ways we should cook it.

7. Canned corn

It has been shown that genetically modified corn affects the animal’s organism, even those in the aquatic environment. Researchers have found that pollen from genetically modified corn contains a poisonous substance, so in many countries it has become forbidden. That is why nutritionists do not recommend eating canned corn. It is recommended to boil the corn to make sure you have removed the harmful substances.

8. Vegetable milk

Most of the plant milk contains added sugar and flavor, and if you’ve ever had the curiosity to look at the ingredients list, you’ve found that it’s too long and not many. Normally a quality vegetable milk should contain: nuts / seeds, water and a little salt.

9. Expanded rice cakes

If you want to replace bread with expanded rice rolls, it’s not exactly the best idea. Nutritionists say they have a very high glycemic index, so you will feel very hungry. And the temptation to eat more rice cakes is great, so you only sabotage your diet. Choose crackers of whole flour or whole grains (barley, quinoa).