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11 Tricks to Improve Allergies

Although extraordinarily beautiful and fragrant, spring awakens not only the nature of life but also allergies! More and more people are experiencing spring allergies and, unfortunately, the symptoms can be really irritating, annoying, stealing the unassuming state of well-being. We have prepared for you some tricks you can do to keep away allergies! No chemicals […]

The Truth about Raw-veganism

We all want to be healthy. I’ve already learned that health comes from the plate as well.¬† It is no surprise that a significant part of our fellow humans chooses the vegetarian lifestyle and even an “extreme” form of it, called raw-veganism. The vegetarian diet is that in which the adept excludes all or parts […]

Foods That You Can Consume Without Gaining Weight

Weight loss process happens healthily when you consume foods rich in nutrients, which at the same time give you the feeling of satiety.¬†Foods that give satiety are usually rich in protein and fiber. So here’s what food you can consume to feel good without actually taking extra pounds: Boiled potatoes Considering the rich carbohydrate content, […]

Fruits – Amazing Benefits for Your Health!

Fruits-these golden mines rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers so necessary for us to be energetic, fit and healthy, regardless of age! 5 fruits per day are enough to equip our body with the nutrients that the body needs to keep away from the free radicals that give us a bite. The positive effects of […]