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6 Golden Rules for Weight Loss

Several people who have managed to lose weight share the steps they have reached the desired weight. The first rule is not to expect miraculous results by changing only one of the lifestyles that brought you to a heavier weight than you would want. Weight loss means patience and awareness of the process that awaits […]

Salt. Good or Bad for the Organism?

April 30, 2019

When it comes to salt, everyone thinks of it as something harmful, which will surely harm us. But without salt, or rather, without sodium ions, there would be no life. Specialists explain sodium is hiding and how much salt we can consume so that we get sick. Sodium has essential roles in the body. “A […]

The Health Benefits of Fresh Juice

April 26, 2019

Natural fruit and vegetable juices are needed to supplement the diet of any person. Discover in today’s article why they are good for you too! A healthy diet provides an optimal level of energy and vitality, but also an excellent state of health. But what does a healthy diet really mean? Consumption of fresh vegetables […]