Love After Cheating: 6 Celeb Couples Who Stayed Together After Infidelity

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3. Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary aren’t Hollywood celebrities but are so well-known that we couldn’t leave them out of this list. If you were into politics when Bill Clinton was the head of our country between 1993 and 2001, you already know about the big cheating scandal that made it to the front page of many newspapers.

Mr. Clinton cheated on his partner with a 22-year-old named Monica Lewinsky, a young girl who was an intern at the White House during his presidency. Despite the former president of the United States of America’s claims that he had no intimate relations with Miss Lewinsky, she met with prosecutors and told the truth, leading to his impeachment.

When Hillary Clinton was asked about how she was able to remain by her husband’s side even after the cheating allegations, she said that it was not easy at all, but she had all the support she needed from her friends.

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