9 Celebrities Caught Riding The Subway Just Like You

Image courtesy of keanuthings from Twitter

#3 Keanu Reeves

No mansions or bodyguards In New York, Keanu Reeves frequently uses the subway and lives in a typical apartment. He enjoys seeing the city. While filming “House on the Lake,” he witnessed two costumed extras discussing how one of them was crying because he needed to pay $20,000 right away or else he would have lost his shirt. The following day, Keanu Reeves put the necessary money into his bank account.

Keanu Reeves must be brought up if we’re discussing modest, morally upright celebrities. After his Matrix films, the actor gained worldwide recognition, and he has accumulated a sizable fortune since the release of the original series (which recently had a new installment).

Keanu is undoubtedly one of the nicest and most humble celebrities. He seemed indifferent about his $380 million in wealth. He might have any vehicle and any chauffeur on earth at his disposal, yet he prefers to lounge in the subway and read the paper.

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