Being Sober: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Been Honest About Their Addiction

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#1 Keith Urban

Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone close to you or external motivation in order to get the drive and willpower to get clean. Of course, it’s not always the case, but we shouldn’t discredit the people that use this reasoning to try to quit their vices. This is what Keith Urban did when he started his journey and commitment to become sober.

He just started his relationship with Nicole Kidman, and that’s when he started to make an effort and battle his addiction with cocaine and alcohol. Over the years, he has been open about his struggles and has spoken about them publicly, but it is clear that it is not something he enjoys discussing in interviews (who would?).

It has gotten to the point that he has become a little cheeky about it and can crack a joke or two about drinking, so we commend him for his sober journey!

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