Being Sober: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Been Honest About Their Addiction

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#3 Demi Lovato

You may remember the time you saw the young ones in your family watching Disney Channel and watching movies that featured a young Demi Lovato, or maybe from the numerous singles that became hits and were played on the radio, or even from some of her recent collaborations with Sam Smith, which have been overplayed by stations at times.

But when people talk about children and how dangerous that path is, they don’t really know what happens. Demi Lovato knows it pretty well as she has had a long history with addiction and she didn’t shy away from it or try to hide it. She first went to rehab in 2010 and was sober all the way into 2018 when she relapsed. This pushed her to release a song about her struggles, a powerful ballad titled “Sober” that talks about it, only for her to continue struggling with the vice.

She has always been candid about it and even talked about it in her documentary, where she iterated that the journey towards sobriety is different for everyone: for some, it is complete abstinence from anything, while for others it is moderation in the form of things they weren’t addicted to.

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