25 Celebrities Who Have the Best Bikini Bodies

Bikini body
Photo by taniavolobueva from Shutterstock

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a gym addict, so it doesn’t surprise anyone that she looks the way she does. She’s now in her mid-40s and has the bikini body of a 20 year old gal. I know what you may be thinking: how does she do it, right? Well, the South African and American movie star and Academy Award-winning actress is absolutely obsessed with sport.

She’s well known for her roles in “Mad Max”, and “The Devil’s Advocate” (where she starred alongside Al Pacino), but also “The Huntsman”. Last year, she played in “FF9” AND “The Addams Family 2”. She is by far one of the most appreciated and high-paid actresses in Hollywood, with a net worth of just over 160 million dollars.

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