8 Celebrities Who Secretly Battled Cancer

Val Kilmer
Photo by lev radin from Shutterstock

5. Val Kilmer

Back in 2015, rumors said that actor Val Kilmer had undergone surgery for a cancerous tumor. Despite ongoing claims regarding his health and reports that he was struggling with throat cancer, Kilmer insisted that everything was alright and even declared, “I haven’t had a tumor or a tumor operation. I had indeed had a complication, so doctors recommended I stay under careful supervision at the UCLA ICU.”

Concerns about Kilmer’s health rose over time as he had difficulty speaking and was seen with scarves covering his throat. In 2017, he eventually stated that he had a “healing of cancer”. The actor told his disease story in his memoir, saying, “I’ve been healed of the disease for over four years now, and there has never been any recurrence. I’m so grateful.”

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