11 Celebrities You Had No Idea Once Worked at McDonald’s

James Franco
Photo by Denis Makarenko from Shutterstock

1. James Franco

The model, actor, and producer James Franco started working night shifts at McDonald’s after dropping out of college. However, this didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. So, whenever Franco wasn’t flipping burgers and taking orders, he was auditioning for several roles.

Chances are his family wasn’t too worried about his future plans since his mother had also acted in the past, although she didn’t make a career out of it. Jame’s brother, Dave, is also an actor.

In 1999, he finally made his film debut in Freaks and Geeks when he starred as Daniel Cesario. Ultimately, he played James Dean in a TV movie and won a Golden Globe Award for that. You may also know him for playing the role of Harry Osborne in the Spider-Man trilogy.

James Franco said he loved working at McDonald’s so much that he even wrote an article about this experience in the Washington Post.

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