7 Most Bizarre Celebrity Diets

Photo by Tinseltown from Shutterstock

1. Kim Kardashian

Diet controversies are nothing new for Kim Kardashian. Her eating habits are quite extreme, and her 2022 weight loss for the Met Gala is no exception. Experts were quick to warn that the tactics Kim employs could be unhealthy.

The social media influencer lost 16 pounds (7kg) in three weeks by following a strict carb-cutting diet. According to her, cutting out sugar also helped her achieve her goal. The meals she ate consisted of lots of proteins and veggies. Kim also said she regularly ran on a treadmill while wearing a sauna suit to further get rid of those pounds.

While all of these are definitely great ways to lose weight, there’s one thing that prompted concern from experts. According to dietitians, rapid weight loss does more harm than good to our bodies and may even not help with fat burning, especially in the long term.

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