7 Most Bizarre Celebrity Diets

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2. Rebel Wilson

Actress Rebel Wilson took charge of her lifestyle in 2020, naming it her “Year of Health”. According to several sources, she used the Mayr Method to lose weight, which involves cutting out dairy, gluten, and sugar and chewing each bite of food 40 times.

However, after several months of multiple claims confirming her use of the Mayr Method, the actress took to her social media accounts to deny ever using the diet. “This was never true; please stop writing this stuff,” she said in an Instagram post.

It’s possible that the news came out after Wilson visited the Vivamayr Clinic in 2019. The Mayr Method is a complex set of habits based on the theories developed by the Austrian doctor Franz Xaver Mayr and has become the key treatment at Vivamayr, a chain of medical spas and luxury wellness centers beloved by celebrities.

But dietitians say this diet is a mix of pseudoscience nonsense and good advice. For example, mindful eating is a great way to avoid overeating and enjoy the experience of your food. However, the diet’s precise instruction to chew each bite 40 times is excessive.

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