10 Best Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Inspire Your Look This Year

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Harry Styles As Elton John

In 2018, Harry Styles hit up a Halloween party dressed as Elton John, featuring a quintessential look the singer wore during his Dodgers Stadium performance in 1975. We have to admit, the whole outfit can be easily re-created since there’s no need for makeup and stuff like that.

Styles sported a sparkly baseball uniform and a matching blue baseball cap. He made sure to also wear Elton’s signature oversized flashy sunglasses. It was a great rendition of Elton’s original, and Styles certainly pulled it off.

That wasn’t all, though. Fans couldn’t help but notice the deep meaning of the outfit: the sparkly jersey Harry wore on October 26th, 2018, at a Halloween party was pretty much identical to the one Elton had at Dodgers Stadium on October 26th, 1975.

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