Oops! 9 Celebs’ Worst Wardrobe Failures Caught on Camera

Photo by Tinseltown from shutterstock.com

4. Gigi Hadid 

Gigi Hadid is one of the most followed celebs in the United States, and she has an incredible modeling career. She’s known for being one of the best Victoria’s Secret models, and she also has a great fashion sense that many women around the world look up to.

Speaking of fashion, there was a time when the celeb didn’t pay much attention to the possible wardrobe mishaps that could happen when she left home. And the bad thing happened. On April 29th, 2015, the gorgeous celeb donned a little black dress that revealed a little more than she wanted to.

She was graciously walking on the stress of New York City when her slit reached a little higher than necessary and paparazzi photographed her teeny-tiny underwear.

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