Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know

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#9 Did you know she had multiple birthdays?

Queen Elizabeth was born on the 21st of April, 1926, yet it became a point of contention as the public didn’t know exactly when they would be celebrating. There was no fixed date when the public would know it as her “official birthday”, as that date was a bit arbitrary, and the government would decide whether it would be the first, second, or third Monday of June!

The countries that recognized her as their monarch also had a hard time settling on a date that would be consistent. Australia used the second Monday of June, while Canada either used the 24th of May, which was Queen Victoria’s birthday, or a Monday before the 24th.

Her actual birthday, despite being a known date, was only celebrated by her closest friends in private gatherings others were not privy to.

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2 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know”

  1. I probably know more about the Late Queen than most, as we were cousins, altho not close ones, through my maternal grandmother’s family, going back to the Battle of Culloden, when Prince Charles of that era was going to be King of England and there were those who did not want this to happen. I had another cousin, a few times removed on my Grandmother’s side who was from the Isle of Skye, where my Great-Great grandfather was born. She was called Flora MacDonald and she helped Prince Charles escape to the Isle of Skye in a boat. The rest is all part of history. I liked this article and will be making a copy of it. I also am interested in getting a copy of her biography. When I look at a recent photo of hers on a magazine, I noticed the resemblance to my Maternal Grandmother. May the Queen rest in peace!!!

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