Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know

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#6 She wasn’t just the ruler of people but also of animals

Everyone knows and loves the Royal Corgis. Queen Elizabeth was known not only for her love for said dogs (as she owned more than 30 during her life) but also for her love for animals in general. When it comes to the short-legged dogs, she fell in love with them back in 1933 when her father acquired the first Royal Corgi. And it’s been history ever since.

Yet, the dogs aren’t the only animals she loves. She was also the owner of all mute swans, whales, and dolphins that existed in her territory. This is due to some degrees that date back to the 12th century that state that the crown owns all mute swans in the country, in addition to the 1324 legal statute that names the Enlightenment ruler as the rightful owner of all whales and surgeons in the sea or anywhere “within the realm.”

So she was also the ruler of animals, alongside humans! What’s more, even the dolphins and whales had titles under the 1324 law, being called “fish royal”. That is one way to enter the royal family.

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2 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know”

  1. I probably know more about the Late Queen than most, as we were cousins, altho not close ones, through my maternal grandmother’s family, going back to the Battle of Culloden, when Prince Charles of that era was going to be King of England and there were those who did not want this to happen. I had another cousin, a few times removed on my Grandmother’s side who was from the Isle of Skye, where my Great-Great grandfather was born. She was called Flora MacDonald and she helped Prince Charles escape to the Isle of Skye in a boat. The rest is all part of history. I liked this article and will be making a copy of it. I also am interested in getting a copy of her biography. When I look at a recent photo of hers on a magazine, I noticed the resemblance to my Maternal Grandmother. May the Queen rest in peace!!!

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