9 Famous People Who Were Related and Still Got Married

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#1 Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip

We’re starting our list with nothing surprising, as the royals have had a long history and (horrible) tradition of trying to preserve the “blue blood.” This leads to numerous marriages between cousins and sometimes even half-siblings over the course of history, with modern times being no exception. There are monarchs who are related, and they still got married!

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip were actually cousins, and if that wasn’t enough, they are related twice over! They are third cousins due to Queen Victoria, but they are also second cousins once removed through one of the Danish royals, Christian IX. The two first met at a royal wedding back in 1934, when Philip was thirteen and the young princess was only eight.

The two met again in 1939, and through the encouragement of the people around them, it is said that they started to write letters back and forth on a regular basis. And if you thought that marrying someone you’re related to, like your cousin, isn’t weird enough, what makes this story even crazier is the fact that the family encouraged an eighteen-year-old to write romantic letters to their thirteen-year-old cousin.

Despite the bizarre nature of it all, the two actually fell in love, and they got married in 1947 when Elizabeth was twenty-one. It was apparently one of the requests that King George put in place in order to agree to the union. The two had a long and loving marriage, which you can read about in the Queen’s biography alongside other facts about her time as a monarch!

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