Foods That You Can Consume Without Gaining Weight

May 17, 2019

Weight loss process happens healthily when you consume foods rich in nutrients, which at the same time give you the feeling of satiety.¬†Foods that give satiety are usually rich in protein and fiber. So here’s what food you can consume to feel good without actually taking extra pounds:

Boiled potatoes

Considering the rich carbohydrate content, many people avoid eating potatoes when they want to lose weight. And according to nutritionists, it’s not even the best idea. Potatoes contain vitamins, fibers and a certain type of starch, called starch resistant. In the digestive system they act as soluble fibers, maintaining your satiety. Adding starch to daily meals helps satisfy hunger, so you will consume less calories. In a study that measured the ability of 38 foods to satisfy appetite, boiled potatoes were ranked first.


Like potatoes, eggs have attracted a misconception about diet consumption. Eggs are rich in protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. Several studies have shown that those who eat eggs at breakfast feel much satiated and consume fewer calories during the day than those who choose another food. Another study has shown that people who ate an egg at breakfast have lost more body weight than those who ate a pretzel, for example.


Oat flakes provide satiety and absorb body fluids as a sponge, being a very good source of soluble fiber, such as beta glucan, which helps slow digestion and absorb carbohydrates.


Fish is rich in omega 3 and provides satiety, being rich in protein. Following a study of the satiety of food, the fish was ranked higher than chicken or beef. Also, another study showed that people who ate fish consumed 11% fewer calories at the next meal than those who ate beef.


Citrus fruits are rich in pectin, which slows digestion and increases satiety. They also have a significant amount of water in the composition. For example, grapefruit and orange contain up to 87% water, which means it gives you the feeling of satiety by eating very few calories. In a recent study, overweight people who’ve eaten half a grapefruit three times a day during their meals for six weeks lost weight by shrinking their waist circumference.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has very few calories and is rich in protein, nutrients, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. Because of this content, cow’s cheese is a food that you can consume without difficulty if you want to lose a few pounds.


It probably seems surprising, but popcorn is part of the cereal family and is rich in fiber. If you’re looking for a snack to replace the chips, popcorn is a much healthier version.