10 Most Gorgeous Soccer Fans You’ll Love at The 2022 World Cup

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9. France

France is not only popular for its delicious macarons, impressive Eiffel Tower, and gorgeous museums, such as the Louvre. One thing that makes French citizens proud of their nation is their soccer team, and you’ll see why in a couple of seconds.

They were one of 4 European soccer teams in the 1st World Cup that ever took place, which happened in 1930. Besides that, France is tied for 6th place among all countries with 15 FIFA World Cup appearances, and only 8 teams have ever won the FIFA World Cup, and only 6 of those teams have done it more than once. They’re really strong and definitely know how to play!

But just as we’ve previously said, it’s hard to play a good game without proper support, and soccer’s fans don’t miss the chance to show the team their love.

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