Top 10 Hollywood Stars With Terrible Hygiene

bad smell
Photo by Antonio Guillem from Shutterstock

When most people think of Hollywood stars, they imagine glamor and glitz. After all, we’re talking about A-list celebs here who earn millions every year and walk the red carpet. However, while these famous faces may look great when the need demands it, it seems that they don’t actually spend every second of their lives living up to expectations.

So you’d be surprised to know that quite a lot of Hollywood stars have poor hygiene. Even though these folks can easily afford some deodorant and soap, they don’t actually smell as fresh as a daisy.

We understand that the morning shower isn’t a routine that most people have, but when you’re in Hollywood, you should at least put in some effort. You won’t want people to remember you more for your smell than your work.

Here are 10 Hollywood stars with terrible hygiene!

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