Top 10 Hollywood Stars With Terrible Hygiene

poor hygiene
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2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Surprise, surprise! Unfortunately for DiCaprio fans, the actor is also known to have poor hygiene. It seems that more and more celebrities are going green these days, and that’s definitely a good thing — they set a good example.

However, as good as being eco-friendly may be, it appears that some A-listers are taking things a little too far. The result? They pick up disgusting hygiene habits!

According to several sources, Leonardo DiCaprio is among the Hollywood stars who’ve taken their love for Mother Nature too far. In order to save water, he has allegedly reduced his shower sessions to a few times per week.

Considering how often the actor is on set, that’s not actually great news for his co-stars.

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1 thought on “Top 10 Hollywood Stars With Terrible Hygiene”

  1. Deodorant has NOTHING to do with Hygiene! It is absurd to blame any Human Being to have “poor hygiene” if he/she is having showers daily but is not using antiperspirants or deodorants. every mammals have its own odor no matter how clean it is. Apparently, people mismatches these odors with the bad smell of dirtiness caused by accumulation of bacteria on the human skin. “Smelling like a daisy” is nice (although Daisy is not smelling great) but is completely unnatural and an old conspiracy of Beauty Industry. Don’t tell me it is not!

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