How to Travel like a Local, Even When You’re a Tourist

May 23, 2019

Travel on a Weekday

Almost everywhere you are in this world, Friday and Saturday nights are very crowded. For a more relaxed trip, and a sense of workaday life, plan your vacation into the weekdays. Everywhere is less crowded, and it’s easier to get a table at a restaurant or to visit the city peacefully.

Choose Airbnb

Hotels can look very nice, true, but it’s better to stay in a real neighborhood. It’s grounding to have a real home base — with a kitchen. This way it will be cheaper and you’ll feel more like home.

Go to the Farmer’s Market

If you want to fill your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, pop in at a nearby farmer’s market. Not only will you get a a better taste of what’s fresh and local, you’ll see plenty of locals in their element and you can learn more about their traditions.

Hit the Grocery Store

When travelling on a budget, it is preferable to shop directly at a supermarket. You can buy whatever you want at a lower price. This saves you money and time, so you don’t spend hours in restaurants and pay a lot of money for it. If you’re in a foreign country, make sure to try their local foods.

Use Public Transportation

If there’s a bus, take it. If you see a metro station, get a pass. It’s way more affordable and you can easily go everywhere you want. Traveling in the company of your fellow (wo)man can tell you a lot about a place — especially the stuff that isn’t in the guide books.

Ride a Bike

Riding the city from place to place on two wheels is an enjoyable activity and it gives you a unique front-row seat to sights, sounds and smells of a neighborhood, which you won’t ever get from taking an Uber.

Go for a Run

If you’re a runner at home, run wherever you visit, too. The exercise will help make you feel as if you’re in your normal rhythm, and you’ll see the city through different eyes.

Sit in a Park

If you have kids it’s a good opportunity for them to play, but even if you don’t, you can take an afternoon to just sit in a local park and watch the world go by. It is very relaxing to spend some hours like this in a place you haven’t been before.

Get Out of Town

You know what locals do? They leave town to avoid daily routine and crowded places. Look for a spot an hour or two out of town to get away from the madding crowds.