9 Amazing American Food Museums You Can ACTUALLY Visit

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#7 Jell-O Gallery

Let’s be honest. As much as we would love to think that the wide varieties of pies we have going around would be the most popular dessert out there, it is actually Jell-O. Branded “America’s Most Famous,” the jelly has been a staple in American households for decades. Kids love that it’s fun and jiggly, and, as an adult, there are numerous ways in which you can use it to make desserts. This is why the desert has been going strong ever since 1899.

You will find this iconic museum in LeRoy, New York, and here you will be able to find out everything you ever wanted to know, even more than you ever desired. From how they got their slogan to weird times when the jelly was tested for “having brain waves,” there is lots to see and learn. What’s more, if you’re a fan of trivia, you can take part in their specially designed Jell-O one!

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