10 Incredible Body Features That You May Have

rare body features
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2. Different Colored Eyes

Most people don’t think twice before filling out their eye color on a form, but this seemingly easy-to-answer question becomes a lot more complicated for people with heterochromia, a rare body feature.

According to Medical News Today, heterochromia is when a person has a difference in eye color. There are three types of this rare condition: partial, central, and complete.

A person with partial heterochromia has a part of the iris that’s a different color from the rest (like blue eyes with gold flecks, brown eyes with gold flecks, and so on). Central heterochromia is when the iris has a different color near its border. Lastly, someone with complete heterochromia has two different colored eyes.

This rare body feature is most commonly genetic, but it can also be caused by a variety of medical syndromes. Whether genetic or acquired, heterochromia is quite uncommon. Here’s the proof: less than 200,000 Americans have it.

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