22 Cool Items Found in Thrift Stores

Photo by Sakharova Anastasia from shutterstock.com

2. Designer items

Please, pinch me when I find a Chanel bag in a thrift store!

If you are a true fashionista, you surely love paying thrift stores a visit every now and then! You can find a lot of original designer items for A LOT less. From shirts to shoes, blazers, or bags, you can find several of them, if you are lucky enough!

For example, a lady from the United States decided to pay a short visit to one of the Goodwill stores in her neighborhood. As it turns out, her shopping spree was extremely successful, because she got back home with a Loewe “puzzle” bag that looked stunning.

And that is not all! The bag is worth more than $2,500 and this woman only paid $20.

…Is this a steal or not?

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1 thought on “22 Cool Items Found in Thrift Stores”

  1. The local thrift store started to sell electronics. I went in and saw what I thought was a single walkie talkie sitting on a table. I picked it up and checked it out. Turns out it was a digital police scanner… price tag on it was $3.99! Of course I bought it, put fresh batteries in it and when I turned it on I heard the weather report as clear as a bell. The cheapest I could find the radio on EBAY was for $299! Most offered for sale was around $350! Now, that’s a bargan!!

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