15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US

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It seems like, over the last few years, there has been a surge in dangerous cities in our beautiful country! Not only has there been more crime in general, but there has been an increase in gun violence and other types of terror as well, especially in the bigger cities. With how many rallies are happening, we have all seen more and more cities that have some disastrous events happen in the middle of their communities.

Not only with them, but also with demonstrations, protests, and many other acts of vandalism and violence, you would think that the FBI has named those cities as being the most dangerous. But, you will be as shocked as we were to find out that some of them don’t even come close to the top 15 of them!

Some of those cities, most of us haven’t even heard of them before, while others will just make you take a double take at the list. What could possibly be happening there that they’re on this list and why aren’t other cities on the list? One thing is certain: in 2021, more and more people became afraid of their cities, and we have compiled a list of the top ten, along with some interesting facts about them!

Let us know if you have heard about these cities before, or if you planned to visit any but are now reconsidering your decision!

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5 thoughts on “15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US”

  1. I live in Jackson NJ and most dangerous place I have ever lived it’s horrible it was safer in 90s in NYC in projects than living here and the cops not sue how they even use there computers and graduated from college either and DCPP north office not sure what drugs they are on because they hurt my son with Cearbal Palsy because Amber gets high and fucks her drug addict clients and hurts children and mother after surgery complications over 2 years still not recovered because of trashy agency whores.

  2. I can tell you this. NY city is getting worse by the minute! Eight innocent bystanders shot in just one month, 22 people shoved from subway platforms so far this year. The MTA is hiring private security to guard the subways because the governor is ignoring crime and is letting criminals roam the streets! My middle class neighborhood is quickly becoming a ghetto!

  3. The term “experts” was used in this several web page presentation regarding “15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US”. The “experts” have missed the most basic problem we have in the US. The most basic problem we have in the US is that we have a multitude of fool voters who continue to vote other fools back to positions of power. This phenomenon is the cause of 99+% of the problems we have today including the “15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US”.

    1. When elected officials embark on campaigns to eliminate or limit the power of law enforcement, you can expect the results will be detrimental to a communities safety.

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