Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart

People of Walmart
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6 Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart

1.  Father Who Doesn’t Know How to Shop

Whatever progress feminism has made in recent decades does not appear to include the shopping cart. Even if we are attempting to break down conventional gender roles, every time you walk into Walmart, you are certain to encounter a father who looks about as awkward behind a shopping cart as a nun with a jackhammer.

His eyes flit from product to product as he scans the shelves for the item he knows is in another aisle, while his children keep a loose orbit about him, snatching for random products here and there without fear of punishment. His cart is always overflowing with fruits and veggies.

There are always one or two bags of potato chips left over. Is that… yep, it’s a DVD of Braveheart. He felt compelled to purchase it for $7.99. Man, just get it on Netflix. On the plus side, even if he is a complete failure at his appointed work, at least his wife will just be delighted not to have to trek out to Walmart on a crowded Tuesday evening.

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1 thought on “Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart”

  1. I am one type of person who don’t belong in Walmart: I have a social conscience and I am at least somewhat conscious of my appearance when I go out in public.B

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