Queen Elizabeth II’s Fashion: 6 Things to Know About Her Iconic and Great Style

Photo by Lorna Roberts from shutterstock.com

Queen Elizabeth II’s Fashion Sense 


As we’ve previously said, when the monarch of the United Kingdom was on a trip overseas, her outfits were designed in a way that allowed her to gracefully and subtly compliment the host country’s culture.

Her majesty was required to always look polished and elegant, so marks were kept from showing with subtle designs, and sweat was kept hidden with detachable underarm pads.

The Queen loved wearing Anello & Davide shoes, and one of her most popular pairs, the black one with a mid-heel, was usually accessorized with white gloves, always by Cornelia James, and hats anchored with tonally matched hatpins. The look wasn’t complete until she’d put on her small, leather bag from Launer.

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