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Keeping your bias out of public statements is a matter of professionalism, which is seriously lacking in goviralstory.Helen https://goviralstory.comhnix1@comcast.netUnscribe I don't use my cell every day and I get aot of unnecessary things. Stanley stankiewicz https://goviralstory.comcanyonclipper@comcast.netPlease take me off your mailing list I've asked several times am still getting emails from you and I have several times asked to take me off your mailing list so please do so I have not signed up for anything like this but I've been asking to take me off all your emails thank you please do so immediatelyStanley stankiewicz https://goviralstory.comcapitanstan@comcast.netTake me off your mailing listI have had several times to stop sending me stuff to my email from news I've asked to be taken off your email list and you still send things to me please stop sending me stuff I did not sign up for this or I did not apply so please take me off your mailing list immediately thank youWade Monnhttps://goviralstory.comwademonn@yahoo.comYour web sitesYour articles are often of interest but the level of click bate makes it difficult even to find the next page of the article. If this is the level of advertising required to keep your business solvent then, for me at least, this is not a sustainable business model. I will no longer be attempting to read your articles.Melodyhttps://goviralstory.commelbob1@verizon.netunsubscribeI want to be unsubscribed!!!!!Melodyhttps://goviralstory.commelbob1@verizon.netunsubscribeI want to be unsubscribed!!!!!Melodyhttps://goviralstory.commelbob1@verizon.netunsubscribeI want to be unsubscribed!!!!!Melodyhttps://goviralstory.commelbob1@verizon.netunsubscribeI want to be unsubscribed!!!!!Elaine Lovallohttps://goviralstory.comelovallo@comcast.netWorst outfits worn by Melania TrumpMelania Trump is the most beautiful and fashionable First Lady ever! How about the couch dresses the current First Lady wears? No comparison!!!Pat Krokenhttps://goviralstory.compkroken@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe meDIanne Christine Grayhttps://goviralstory.comdianne.gray@charter.netunsubscribeIt is very sick of you to keep ragging on the former first lady! I have seen the former first lady's wear some horrible stuff and you are all over them with compliments. I am tired of you all being one sided on your damn opinions. Why don't you play fair and see how that works for you. sarahttps://goviralstory.comkchamps20001@cox.netMelaniaMelania Trump was our most classy first lady.....how dare you criticize her. Don't send me any more of your garbage.Ordained Minister Mrs. Barbara Ann Stonehttps://goviralstory.combobbist@comcast.netYour Article: Melania Trump's Worse OutfitsMy words of advice to you are: If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. And, this goes for our former First Lady as well. You are part of what is drastically and dramatically wrong with our society. Everyone backbites and devours one another. Rather than lift each other up recognizing that we are all human, we all make mistakes, not one of us is perfect, it is people like you who point out everyone else's faults and errors. You bring shame and disgrace to our former First Lady without batting an eyelash -- when she was always loving, kind, generous, and thoughtful in her role as First Lady. Why not take a tip from her: BE KIND, LOVING, AND THOUGHTFUL TO OTHERS JUST AS SHE WAS. I can tell you one thing for sure: Heaven is not filled with people like you. It is only filled with people who are loving and kind, thoughtful, generous, and forgiving of one another's faults and failures. Hell is the place that, for all eternity, will be filled with those who point out everyone's faults, are unforgiving, unkind, unthoughtful, and unloving. They will never be allowed in Heaven. Fredhttps://goviralstory.comfredrock1@comcast.n3tUnsubscribe Please remove me from all of your emails. The more I request to unsubscribe the more emails I receive from you. ENOUGH ALREADY!Edhttps://goviralstory.comelando1313@yahoo.comunsubscribe meunsubscribe mejohn thomas kalafskyhttps://goviralstory.comjohnkalafsky@cox.netunsubsribe meunsubscribe meKhhttps://goviralstory.comknbreezy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meNo namehttps://goviralstory.combarbiestegman@aol.comUnsubscribe Stop all emailsRod Kopina https://goviralstory.comrkopina@yahoo.comPolitical I’m tired of the Trump bashing !!! You idiots have the worst President ever in office now and you’re still writing about Trump.. Let’s see some articles about Biden’s son.. how about that you bunch of “Libtards” ?!?!Shirleyhttps://goviralstory.comRav4lores@aol.comYes unsubscribe me!YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!Fell56@aol.comhttps://goviralstory.comFell56@aol.comFell56@aol.comUnsubscribe me John onacilla https://goviralstory.comonacilla1@yahoo.comEmails Not interested and take my email off your list.Jameshttps://goviralstory.comjfries100@comcast.netUnsubscrubeInteresting topics but almost impossible to move from one to the next. It’s like trying to run a maze and just isn’t worth it.Janicehttps://goviralstory.comjanicedewire@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI'm so tired of political garbage on social media, texts, and emails. Nice tryhttps://goviralstory.comNoway@yahoo.comYou liarsUnsubscribing didnt remove me from your lists, it added me to MORE of them. Josephhttps://goviralstory.comjsilives@yahoo.comUnsubscribeToo many emasStevehttps://goviralstory.commcshisty@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please Unsubscribe me from all emails from every website you send emails from immediately. T hey are annoying and I did not request them. So I don't know how you got my email but how would you like it if everytime you were looking for something important you had to look through a bunch of boring non important emails that just waste my time and my attention and especially my mental capacity so by the time I get to the real important email I'm so passed off and ready to smash my phone and also so mad at the trash emails that everything they were about or company's they were for I would never ever think about using them or giving them a positive feed back or endorsement because you wasted my time and all else. So stop being a pain in my brain and life and if you were anything good you wouldn't have to spread this electronic crap people would do it by mouth. So please stop the nonsense in wasted emails. Help me help you from burning well needed time and brain cells. Peace out unplug and for real Unsubscribe me from everything your about. M. Palamarahttps://goviralstory.comscout60@comcast.netREMOVE ME FROM YOUR DAMN EMAILS!!!!!I get very IRRITATED when unsubscribe links are b.s. QUIT SENDING ME THIS CRAP IMMEDIATELY! Going forward, your emails will be reported as phishing and you will eventually be blocked. 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Cease!Dominicdevepoedehttps://goviralstory.comdefltorch@yandex.comhttp://loveplanet.gq/http://loveplanet.gq/Bonnyhttps://goviralstory.comberbisch@yahoo.comYes, unsubscribe meYes unsubscribe me from your lists!Cory Rayburn https://goviralstory.comjulie_and_cory@yahoo.comYour site I never subscribed to begin with. Anne Grahamhttps://goviralstory.comagraham002@comcast.netUNSOLICITED E-MAILSPlease remove my email address to unsubscribe to as many e-mails as possible. Thank you. Adrianne Graham, aka Anne GrahamMargaret Walterhttps://goviralstory.commargo33@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL YOUR PUBLICATIONS AND MESSAGES.JoAnn Biscanhttps://goviralstory.comjebiscan@comcast.netEmailsPlease unsubscribe me, there are too many emails.Gail Andersonhttps://goviralstory.comganderson43@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from your messages Gail Anderson carmen rayhttps://goviralstory.comcarmbob8@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeFuckhttps://goviralstory.comyou@gmail.comAss hole spammerGo fuck yourself and this shit ass spam Bhttps://goviralstory.combblpeterson@aol.comHeadlineWhy would I want to read your website when you start off with hate- the 6 most hated couples. Remove me from your mailing list!Kjhttps://goviralstory.comspairtym@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsolicited contact rejected.caroline rotanhttps://goviralstory.comrotan.liney@comcast.netMelania TrumpHow DARE you criticize what a President's outfits are!! She appeared to me the most appropriately dressed First Lady we've had in a long time. Hillary's outfits????????????????Kevin Younghttps://goviralstory.comkevinyoung2009@comcast.netfuck you and your mommafuck you, get a lifeSharon Hileshttps://goviralstory.comsharonhiles@comcast.netunsubscribeyes unsubscribe meMary Hudsonhttps://goviralstory.commeemee2five@comcast.netAll these unsolicited subjectsI do not wish to receive any of this mail again. Please do not send me these unsolicited emails. They just go in the trash.RO MACKhttps://goviralstory.comRAMACK1@COMCAST.NETYOU CRITICIZE MRS. TRUMP?GO AWAY….NEVER SEND THIS CATHOLIC CONSERVATIVE TRUMP-SUPPORTING HOME ANOTHER EMAIL. YOU ARE RADICAL LIBS….GO CRITICIZE BIDEN AND SON.Carol Cusson-Beebehttps://goviralstory.comcarol.beebe@charter.netKeep me undescribedThe political bashing is in poor taste and a complete turn off, knock it off.Susan L. Kalderhttps://goviralstory.comskalder@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeRichard Fraiolihttps://goviralstory.comrlfraioli@comcast.netUnsubscribe Not goodHeather L Croughhttps://goviralstory.comhc_411@ymail.comUnsubscribeMelania Trump is a former first lady. Show some respect. Sharon Lucious https://goviralstory.comsharonl6407@aol.comI AM IN NEED OF A HOME, MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE DON’T WANT US!!!!!It seems that I can’t find me anywhere in Birmingham Alabama to live because the upper class people in Center Point don’t want to accept section 8 housing vouchers anymore. I am am homeless and I don’t want to live in no shelter. Can someone please help me try to purchase a low income house.Robin Kennedyhttps://goviralstory.comrkennedy67@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease stop sending me e-mails I didn't ask for.Linda Nelsonhttps://goviralstory.comlindawawa@comcast.netUnsubscrI have unsubscribed from "All" twice before & again today. Please remove me from your list. Thank youDavid Lee Ebingerhttps://goviralstory.comdlebinger@yahoo.comUnscribe meUnscribe meThelma https://goviralstory.comenidma3@yahoo.comUnsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE MEEEEEAlane Lamberthttps://goviralstory.comlan112655@charter.netUnsubscribe from allPlease unsubscribe me from all. Cathy M Huffhttps://goviralstory.comcathymariehuff@aol.comUnsubscribe reasonsI have actually only read one article: the Ten Most Hated Presidents. The article was entirely based on the writers poorly researched opinions. The criteria flipped from "Hated to "not hated, but bad" back to "hated". Just a horrible propagandist article. I expect that the writer thinks that they are enlightened. Sharon Nileshttps://goviralstory.comsharonniles@aol.comYou Are Liberal WokeEverything you post exemplifies liberal left wokeism & goes against everything we believe . President Trump was one of the best Presidents America has had for America .bBiden is the worst . Just look at the creeps in his cabinet . It proves to us that Obama is running the country & Creepy Sleepy Pinocchio Joe is just his puppet . Don’t send me your liberal propaganda anymore . Tell Britton to go steal some more Vera Bradley luggage .Keith Rasmussenhttps://goviralstory.comkeithrasm@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meAnyhttps://goviralstory.comamymark5@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me to ALL emails. Thank you!Not Your Businesshttps://goviralstory.comt4kohn@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meNot Your Businesshttps://goviralstory.comt4kohn@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meNot Your Businesshttps://goviralstory.comt4kohn@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meCheryl https://goviralstory.comwilderwood@comcast.netTrump etc Nobody Cares!! Don’t you get it?? There is MORE IMPORTANT NEWS THAN WHAT Trumps Wife Wears !! Find AND REPORT REAL NEWS!Laurahttps://goviralstory.comlaura.keeton@comcast.netDo not appreciate being added to this spam websiteIf you’re buying emails to expand your reach, it just makes you guys look like a shitty company. Keep me off your mailing list.Gina bosthttps://goviralstory.comginabost@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me Unsubscribe me from your emailing list. Cleveland E.Norton Jr.https://goviralstory.comnailheadnorton@twc.com10 worst Presidents in U.S.After composing my comment your GOTCHA feature prevents my comment be posted. I already completed that.There dolphin images to be identified, which I did, Please provide help with this, thank you.Clifford Walkerhttps://goviralstory.comcmwalker8@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNo commentligmahttps://goviralstory.comandrew.cote@comcast.netterrible newshow on earth did you get my email. get me off all of you're stupid trash. No one but boomers with no time actually read this take me off every email shitlist you have. also tell me how the hell you got my email in the first place when I never signed up for thisbobbyhttps://goviralstory.comrtpmah@yahoo.comUnsubscribUnsubscribe from all..Leave me alonehttps://goviralstory.combb7213@yahoo.combye byePlz go awayolshanski anitahttps://goviralstory.comaolshanski@yahoo.comstealing my emailI don't want any of your advertisement garbage. Leave my email to me. Albehttps://goviralstory.commaxina3777@yahoo.comSpamI did not subscribe to your emails.Gary Martinhttps://goviralstory.comgmnexus09@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Way too many ads. The viral story never took me to the story only more ads.Jean Bohnstengelhttps://goviralstory.comskipjean1@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubsidized pleaseMaryhttps://goviralstory.comsloth.samovar.0i@icloud.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meJohn mannhttps://goviralstory.comjbsage54@yahoo.comUnsubscribeYes, unsubscribe me !Donnahttps://goviralstory.comdonnapomilla@gmail.comYes UNSUBSCRIBE MEYes UNSUBSCRIBE MECara L Dansbyhttps://goviralstory.comcaradansby@gmail.comCancellationPlease cancelPamela H Cownhttps://goviralstory.comphcown@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from any and all future emails.Jeff Gershonhttps://goviralstory.comtalentescorts@aol.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meJohttps://goviralstory.comjodywash@aol.comunsubscribeunsubscribeJohttps://goviralstory.comjodywash@aol.comunsubscribeunsubscribeJustin McCartyhttps://goviralstory.comjustin@mailerking.xyzDo you accept link inserts?Hello, Wondering if you accept link inserts on existing posts on goviralstory.com? How much would you charge for this? Also, do you have any other sites for link inserts? Justin If you'd like to unsubscribe click the following link. https://mailerking.xyz/optout/?site=goviralstory.comErin Kelly Palmerhttps://goviralstory.comerinp7@comcast.netunsubscriptYes, unsubscripe mecphttps://goviralstory.comcpallotta@ymail.combullshitwhat a long winded bullshit way to unsubscribeCindyhttps://goviralstory.comcindy.csr@aol.comUnsubscribe me from allI’m sorry, but I never signed up for any of these emails. They are overloading my inbox. Please unsubscribe me from all!!!Patricia Lander-Randazzohttps://goviralstory.compatraz317@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me Kayhttps://goviralstory.comkayeschofield00@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I just unsubscribed and want to say why. I thought your post about how the female meteorologists pictured would “raise the temperature” was sexist. Seriously??? Where are the male meteorologists (not really) and why would you post pictures about how they look. Their talent and intelligence isn’t noted. I was mistaken that these kind of posts were no longer acceptable. Kathy Bamontehttps://goviralstory.comdankath97@yahoo.comLack of contentYour website is a source of frustration. When I click on any article, it does not come up the information I seek, is not present. Instead, it is some sort of an advertisement.Loretta https://goviralstory.comlsoscia928@yahoo.comMelanie Trump I’m not really liking your newsletter especially the one where you said something about Melania Trump’s clothes being inappropriate. I’m sorry I’m sure you don’t realize that I am a conservative, I’m an independent. And I think Melania Trump’s clothes are fine. I think you’re nitpicking because she is a Republican and was our first lady. Have a little damn respect, I don’t see you tearing Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama apart. Please unsubscribe me now – I’m not interested in getting anything more from your publications. Thank youDoris Matthews https://goviralstory.comdmattie32@aol.comUnsubscript Please take me off your list.Doris H Matthewshttps://goviralstory.comdmattie32@aol.comUnsubscribeUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL YOUR LISTunsubscribe mehttps://goviralstory.comSmartypants.preschool@yahoo.comunsubscribe meunsubscribe meRon Nassifhttps://goviralstory.comrnassif@rocketmail.comContentYou bait me in to read an article and you can't find it because of all the advertising, so yes please unsubscribe me.Eric Valgardsonhttps://goviralstory.comericstanlysvcs@yahoo.comTOO MANY EmailsI have made mistakes by clicking the wrong button. Now I am getting 80 emails a day with stuff I am not concerned with or ever will be. This used to a business email. Now I get crap Concerning Hollywood? Unsubscribe MEAnnahttps://goviralstory.comaclark@themoneytizer.usFollow up on Advertising proposalHello the team of goviralstory.com , A couple of days ago I tried to contact you through the contact form with an advertising offer for goviralstory.com. As I haven’t received a response from you since then, I would like to know if the messages from the contact form are reaching you? I will be happy to answer all your questions about our platform and tell you more about the possibilities of cooperation with The Moneytizer. You can also visit our website us.themoneytizer.com for more information. Awaiting for your response, Sincerely, Annaits goodhttps://goviralstory.comjimmybonds007@gmx.comits gooddating http://yoursinstantly.com/HqJMBL5 <a href=http://yoursinstantly.com/HqJMBL5>http://yoursinstantly.com/HqJMBL5</a>its goodhttps://goviralstory.comjimmybonds007@gmx.comits gooddating http://yoursinstantly.com/HqJMBL5 <a href=http://yoursinstantly.com/HqJMBL5>http://yoursinstantly.com/HqJMBL5</a>Linda Bickelhttps://goviralstory.comlindabickel@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Too many emails on auhjectscI an not 🚭 interested in and get the information from other emails Annahttps://goviralstory.comaclark@themoneytizer.usAdvertising proposalHello the team of goviralstory.com , It is once again Anna from The Moneytizer. Just wanted to know if you receive my messages? I I'd like to have your feedback on our proposal, even if it is negative or it is not relevant for you at the moment! . Thank you in advance, Have a nice day, AnnaJames Kwidhttps://goviralstory.comJkwid@aol.comEat shit Fuck you liberals ..go woke..go broke....lisa rejalihttps://goviralstory.comlmienville@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribJoan Kitnerhttps://goviralstory.comjdkitner@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Dr . Gregory E. Oxfordhttps://goviralstory.comgregory_oxford@comcast.netcancel emialcanc el emailSallyhttps://goviralstory.comfreeone0811@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed from every email for a week STOP I will contact the authorities Jackhttps://goviralstory.comelmok719@aol.comUnsubscribe Don’t like your views way to liberal.Pamela lynesshttps://goviralstory.compjlyness@yahoo.comEmails I never signed up for these trash emails. Marlene Bray https://goviralstory.commdbray12@yahoo.comEmail Quit sending me emails 😬Mike Davishttps://goviralstory.comdmdavisinc@yahoo.comUnsubscribeToo many emailsMichael Robert Rossmeierhttps://goviralstory.commikerossmeier@yahoo.comYour newslettersAll of your newsletters belong in my Spam folder - but you cleverly slipped them through. Best for both of us if you DELETE ME FROM ALL LISTS PERMANENTLY. All they do is waste my time and make me want to show up at your office like incidents we see on the news. Thank you. Mignon Hunterhttps://goviralstory.commhunter0909@yahoo.comHelloPlease unsubscribe me from Every Single channel, email, program, store, company that you control. It is so annoying the only way to unsubscribe is to be forced to click on TWENTY different check boxes!!! I would never need any of these emails - and especially the way you don't allow to unsubscribe from all. I would never want to read or purchase anything from ANY of your sites. PLEASE delete my email COMPLETELY from your PRIMARY database immediately. So tired of thisHazelhttps://goviralstory.comemail@fourammedia.comSponsored Email / Email Drop InquiryGood Morning, My name is Hazel, and I work with 4AM Media. We have a plethora of products, such as Barks No More, https://barksnomore.com, and Splash Foam Cleaner, https://buysplashcleaner.com. We are interested in promoting our products to your email list. Can you reply with details on your email rates, list size, and what options you have available to promote our products to your email list? If you have any questions, just let me know… and if you are not the correct person to chat with about this, can you please let us know who that person is and perhaps even put us in contact with them? Lastly, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss this further. Thank You In Advance, HazelC Heins https://goviralstory.comheinsc27@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeNo interest Laurie Labanshttps://goviralstory.comlaurielabans@yahoo.comTrashing Trump Don’t send me any further emails Lilly Harhttps://goviralstory.comlhargrave1@comcast.netEmailsI don't read your publications and do not want to receive them. Too much junk in my inboxDonbahttps://goviralstory.comdjhansboro@aol.comUnsubscribe mUnsubscribe meDonnahttps://goviralstory.comdjhansboro@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe meMary Arendthttps://goviralstory.commarendt48@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBEThank you for removing my address from your mailing lists.Edie Taylorhttps://goviralstory.comspoiledbymrt@aol.comwhy I UnsubscribedI refuse to download or go to a web page that alerts me to a virus possibility EVERY time. You can keep your trivia info until you make it available on standard, safe website.Judy Fornerohttps://goviralstory.comjudyfornero@yahoo.comUnsubscribeGet too many emailsS.parrishhttps://goviralstory.comjprrishj@comcast.netUnsubscribe from all emails. I never signed up for the emailsUNSUBSCRIBE FROM ALL EMAILSTessahttps://goviralstory.comcandyrabbit89@yahoo.comUnsubscribedYou should keep politics out of it. Mike Yorkhttps://goviralstory.commmoredneck64@aol.comUnsubscribeI've been unsubscribing for 12 days. Please make sure that it happens please.Julie Patehttps://goviralstory.comjulieprocks@yahoo.comGo viral storyPlease don’t send any more emails that I didn’t ever subscribe to.Julie Millerhttps://goviralstory.comjm.miller30@yahoo.comStop sending me emailsPlease unsubscribe me from ALL emails. I never subscribed to them.JoEllen https://goviralstory.combleyjoellen@yahoo.comSubscription STOP SENDING ME EMAILS!!! I RECEIVE THINGS EVERYDAY IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!Jeff Ahttps://goviralstory.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEPlease UNSUBSCRIBE me from your emails. I do not wish to receive them. Thank you.Judithhttps://goviralstory.comjarperk@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease remove me from your list. Thank you. Nicole https://goviralstory.comimnic0001@yahoo.comStop sending me spam! I’ve spent an entire week unsubscribing from several of your emails, and yet I keep getting them daily. Take me off of your list entirely!Lisahttps://goviralstory.comlisamarie2773@yahoo.comNever signed upI never signed up to receive these emails the method by which I have to unsubscribe in direct violation of the CCPRA. Delete my information and cease from sending me any further.Annhttps://goviralstory.comannfowlkescyrus@yahoo.comPlease unsubscribe I receive a ridiculous number of emails daily so unsubscribe me! Annfowlkescyrus@yahoo.comRob funkhttps://goviralstory.comcabin6463@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Go woke, go broke. Hating America and hating freedom is not as cool as you might think.Gary Cummingshttps://goviralstory.comgarywc771@yahoo.comunsubscribeStop sending me all your emails. Sue Gayhttps://goviralstory.comsuegay01007@yahoo.comStop sending newsletters!Stop and and all unsolicited sites to my email. Jeff Ahttps://goviralstory.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEPlease UNSUBSCRIBE me from your emails. I do not wish to.receive them..Thank you.