8 Most Scandalous Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

You probably didn’t know this, but Walmart store employees have witnessed some troubling incidents while working many times. Some of them have taken to Reddit to recall some of the most exasperating and horrifying situations.

While any large retail store might experience from time to time its fair share of crises or off-putting behavior from its customers, Walmart has some interesting experiences.

We’ve gathered a couple of the most horrifying stories Walmart employees have ever lived. And if you think you’ve experienced some weird stuff in your life, wait till you see what they have told us! Here are some of the worst things that ever happened at Walmart:

Problematic shenanigans in the parking lot

One Walmart employee with 12 years of experience told Business Insider that there have been quite a number of times when vehicular damage occurred in their store’s parking lot. Now, you might naturally think that the culprits were drivers.

But in reality, they weren’t the ones at fault. According to the same employee, people are used to “leaving their shopping carts loose in the parking lot, which can cause accidents when it’s windy outside, as they’re being pushed into the vehicles.”

And these are soft examples, apparently. Another Walmart employee from Virginia recalled how there are also fights in the store’s parking lot.

Tangles with counterfeiters

It’s not unusual for things to get a bit out of hand at Walmart. There’s one employee who wrote in a Reddit thread about how he once encountered one failed counterfeiter in the electronics section.

The customer was trying to purchase a game, but he only had a scanned $100 bill that had been printed on two pieces of paper.

Oh yes, and they were also stapled together. According to what the associate recalls, “the edges weren’t even cut correctly, as I could clearly see white along the border.” The employee looked straight into the guy’s eyes and said “Seriously?”

The constant rudeness

There’s one Wisconsin-based Walmart employee who told Business Insider that the worst thing he had to deal with while working at the store was the “customer attitude”. Another employee took to Reddit all the way back in 2016 to complain and notice how rude people are.

“They bring way too many items into the express lane because of some weird sense of entitlement.” In fact, he described how one time there was a customer who “pounded his fist on the counter as loud and hard as he could and screamed at us ‘Come on, man, hurry the f– up.’

And I was just trying to unroll a roll of dimes so I can give him his change. He was only buying corn dogs from the deli place.” Another customer hit them with a pack of cigarettes. “I remember laying the box on the counter, and him picking them up, and throwing them at me, hitting me in the chest.

Then, he said: ‘I said Gold, moron.'” While these encounters were isolated incidents, it’s still hard to believe how some people are still allowed to enter stores such as Walmart.

People chowing down in the store

An associate from Wisconsin recalled how he and his colleagues had seen some customers straight up EATING some foods from the stands in the store. Another employee that has been working for Walmart for over 12 years said that they’ve witnessed customers who simply nibble on fruits like grapes or apples.

Alongside being an extremely disconcerting behavior to watch, snacking in the store can also cause issues when it comes to checking out. The products cannot be weighted if they have already been eaten, according to the employee. And it only makes sense, but someone should also tell these customers as well!

Gross things happening in the store

As if seeing customers that eat the foods they were “about to purchase” isn’t horrible enough, one Walmart employee calmed us down, explaining that there are EVEN more horrible things to come. For example, the fact that “unsanitary bathroom use” was definitely the worst thing they have ever seen in the store.

A Reddit user who said they worked at Walmart recalled how one time they came to work, only to realize that someone had defecated all over the men’s room. The clean-up crew probably needed a bonus that day! And as many other Reddit users claim, this is just the “cleanest” story they have. Oh my GOD!

An impressing number of major spills

One Walmart employee once wrote on a Reddit thread how he set up a display toward the front of the store, which involved stacking up a hundred cereal boxes. “Then, I see an older lady, driving one of the electric carts,” recalls the employee.

She’s looking straight at the display and promptly rams into the thing. Boxes are everywhere. She apologizes over and over and explains that she’s blind.” Another overnight Walmart employee remembers how one time he was unloading one truck at 5 in the morning.

“Everything went smoothly until the last pallet. My colleague who was using the jack somehow lost control and everything went flying down the ramp. The pallet’s wrap ripped open, and we were all covered in tomatoes, broccoli, and any kind of vegetable you could possibly imagine.”

Troubling incidents that involve kids

Walmart employees warn everybody that when it comes to taking kids to a Walmart store, safety is KEY. A Walmart employee told Business Insider that many parents were allowing their kids to “stay in the toy department alone as if they were left in a playground area.”

Not only is it extremely uncomfortable to see a kid alone, but it is also extremely dangerous for them, as they can get injured easily. The associate recommended not to allow kids to stand up on the carts, as well. “I have seen a couple of times how children fall out and hit their heads.”

Concerning attitudes in the gun section

In my opinion, this is the worst of them all. One employer who worked in the store’s firearms department wrote on Reddit that they can “easily write a novel with all the garbage I’ve seen in my five years of work there.” As they say, they become really good at spotting BS a mile away.

The associate recalled how once there were three customers who were looking to buy a gun. One of them gave the older woman who was with them the form to fill out. At that moment, the employee suspected the two were making a purchase for someone else. Then, another person comes and one of the customers said “Is this the gun you wanted?” and it was obvious then that it was a straw purchase.

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