Top 10 Hotels of the Class of Luxury in the World

January 28, 2019


The Boulders is a prestigious resort with golf and spa centers. With a stylish design, painted in the colors of the original rocks, The Boulders resort is located in the Sonora Desert. This place is perfect for people who seek relaxation out of a trip,and for those who value their privacy. There is also a private place for celebrities who want relax and take a time off.

The resort has a huge spa, for those who want to fell spoiled and two golf classes for those who love golf.


The resort was built for the owner, with the thought of being a personal tropical place. After awhile, the place extended, and became larger. It became perfect for receiving guests and celebrities. Everyone who comes here is looking for having a good time, with a lot of relaxation and privacy.

Rooms are decorated in the Mediterranean style, and offer the visitors a view of the best beaches in the country.

The resort has recently been renovated. The owners invested $10 million in renovations, so the high prices for rooms are justified.


This amazing hotel is located in Baja Peninsula in Mexico, between two extremities, a peaceful desert and the troubled sea of ​​Cortez. This place is the image of the paradise on earth. Decorated with handmade sculptures, a huge pool, waterfalls and luxurious spa centers, this is the place that you won’t ever want to leave. Perfect for relaxation, this place is as pricey as it is Heavenly.

From the balcony of their luxury bedrooms, you can see migrating whales. Private swimming pools are also available for those who want only the best out of a trip.


The five stars hotel, offers nothing but luxury, from the five star cuisine, wild nightlife to breathtaking entertainment.

This is also the perfect place if you want to host a luxury party. With a capacity of 250 people, you will surely be remembered if you throw a party in this place.

The villa offers to the guests rooms decorated with great taste and an awesome view. If you want to drink a glass of an expensive cocktail , the bar is perfect for you. The jacuzzi, the gym and the sauna are there for your relaxation and for having a good time.


This is probably one of the largest resorts of all time. It occupies over 570000 sq.m of land. It is one of the hottest spots in Bahamas, so, if you want a luxurious vacation, make sure you check out this place.

It is perfect for all singles, couples, or families with children. It is as good for kids as it is for adults. It has a casino, a natural marine environment and it’s inhabitants, a water park, and a SPA center.


The hotel was built in 1907, and in 1969 it was recognized as a national historical treasure. It offers the great view of Manhattan and is the main choice of the most senior clients.

Even if you book a room, or a whole apartment, the services are just the best. They offer to you a personal butler, a formal dining room, fully equipped kitchen, a piano, and a gym for those who love doing their cardio or weights lifting.

The Royal Plaza Suite has three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and a personal elevator.


Built in the shape of a waving sail, the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is made in a high-end and stellar design.

This seven star hotel, made it’s name in the industry, and it’s known for being one of the fanciest hotels in the world.

The amazing view it has to offer isn’t everything. It is also the helipad on the roof, a tennis court under the sky, and the most beautiful cuisine, for the fancy people who only want delicacies. Here you can have the perfect taste of what nightlife means.


Since the year it’s been built, Hotel The Westin Excelsior has left it’s mark in the area of ​​Via Veneto. The room where everyone dreams of staying in, is Villa La Cupola Suite. This room is considered a masterpiece.

The masterpiece room is filled with traditional furniture and the most modern technology. The ceiling is completed by a dome of the cathedral type, decorated with handmade frescoes.

The guests can go to the hotel gym and relax after at the sauna, jacuzzi, or have a steam bath. They can have a very delicious dinner in the dining room, cooked by only a few of the best Chefs.


This property values $ 1.65 billion. It is known for having the largest swimming pool in the entire Mediterranean. The hotel can host 1000 people.

Mardan Palace can offer many quality services. There are aquariums with exotic fish and rooms with furniture and decorations made out of crystals, marble and gilding. Plus, they offer a personal butler.

This is the place where having fun is a must. They have 17 bars for their guests and 10 restaurants with the best food only.  You can have a relaxing time at their spa center. There’s magnificent beach, with 9,000 tons of white sand  imported from Egypt.


This hotel is the masterpiece of our list. Emirates Palace is a living proof of the wealth of the Arabs.

It is as huge as it seems. It has 394 exquisite rooms and 40 meeting rooms. An excellent cuisine and night entertainment for those who live their lives to the fullest. The white sand beach is the perfect place to enjoy life and relax while drinking a Pina Colada. There are many fountains and pools, and a luxurious spa center. The guests who come here are very spoiled.

The hotel is made with only the best marble, delivered from abroad. This hotel could easily be called one of the most luxurious business class hotels. The rooms are decorated with crystal chandeliers. Some may say, that staying here makes you feel like you are ”blue-blooded”.