Top 4 Reasons Why It Is Recommended to Consume More Water Daily

February 12, 2019


Has it ever happened to you to feel very thirsty? Then you should know that when you are confronted with this feeling, your body is already dehydrated. The thirst you feel is the help cry of your body that urges urgent hydration to function properly. So, what should you do to stop this from happening? The solution is simple: you need to buy quality water. This way, you will remember to consume water constantly so that your body is always hydrated.

Here are the main reasons why specialists recommend you to consume more water daily!

Water consumption maintains the fluid balance in the body

Our body is made up of 60% water. Functions of body fluids include digestion, absorption of nutrients, circulation, saliva production and nutrient transport, or maintaining body temperature. The brain communicates with the kidneys through the posterior pituitary gland, transmitting the amount of water to be eliminated in the urine and the one to keep for the necessary reserves of the body. When the reserve of fluids drops considerably, the brain triggers a thirst that warns you that you have not consumed enough fluids on that day. It is advisable to avoid this stage by drinking a sufficient amount of daily water.

Water contributes to energizing muscles

Cells that do not maintain the balance of fluids and electrolytes deteriorate, which can lead to a chronic fatigue state in the muscles. When body cells do not contain the required amount of fluids, they can not work at the desired yield, and this affects your quality of life. Thus, specialists consider that the first essential step towards the adoption of a healthy lifestyle is the increased consumption of daily water. It is not enough to adopt a balanced diet or to do various exercises weekly. Your body needs to be properly hydrated to look and feel good. In addition, it’s important to consume liquids before and after fitness workouts to energize your muscles and achieve the desired results.

Water helps maintaining a better weight

Nutrition specialists recommend increased water consumption. This is not due to the magical quality of water to reduce fats but to the fact that it can successfully replace other unhealthy beverages, providing the necessary amount of healthy fluids in the body. In addition, when you consume enough water throughout the day, the satiety state is installed faster, which leads to the consumption of a small amount of food. Therefore, it is advisable to consume more water to maintain optimal body weight and to be properly hydrated.

Water contributes to improving the skin aspect

Another essential reason why drinking more water is needed daily is related to the tone and appearance of the skin. It contains an increased amount of water, acting as a protective barrier, which prevents excess fluid loss in the body. Dehydration produces dry, wrinkled appearance of the skin. To improve its tonus, specialists recommend increased daily consumption of clean water. Now that you have discovered the main reasons why drinking an optimal amount of water is recommended, increase the amount you consume daily to keep you healthy, fit and have a smooth, imperfect skin.