Top 8 Celebrities’ Weirdest Hobbies

Photo by A.RICARDO from Shutterstock

1. Beyoncé Knowles: Making Money

The Queen B of pop music, who’s also a multi-millionaire business empress, has named her fan base the Beyhive, but maybe that name was inspired by her actual fascination with bees!

During a recent interview, the 41-year-old musician revealed a surprising thing about herself that fans don’t know. According to the singer, she has her own two beehives—two, more precisely. She also said it’s been a while since she’s had them at her house. What’s more interesting is that there are about 80,000 bees that produce hundreds of jars of honey per year.

Beyoncé explained that the initial reason for which she started doing this was because of her two daughters, Blue and Rumi, who both have terrible allergies. Since honey has countless healing properties, she decided to start making honey, which turned into a hobby.

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