9 Famous Products Still Proudly Made in America

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Waring blenders

Everyone knows Waring, as this is the company that first brought the blender into the United States! Not only were they the first to ever make some, but they were also one of the first American professional appliance manufacturers that became a really big deal.

If you walk into any professional kitchen or any food-service adjacent establishment, or even in laboratory industries, they will all have at least one Waring product, if not more. And all of this came from the one and only Waring blender, which you can still get and is manufactured in the U.S.!

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2 thoughts on “9 Famous Products Still Proudly Made in America”

  1. James Elliott

    I took my parents Waring blender with me to college. It was a wedding present to them in 1950. I still have it and use it regularly.

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