9 Famous Products Still Proudly Made in America

Image By George Sheldon From Shutterstock

Hershey’s Kisses

The Hershey Company has been based in Hershey (guess where they got their name from?), Pennsylvania for more than 100 years! And even if this iconic chocolate has gotten so big that it is produced all over the world, the original factory is still standing.

Not only that, but it has been reported that this iconic American chocolate candy is made in huge amounts every day right in that factory in Pennsylvania. Anyone can say whatever they want, but when you still have a production of more than 70 million candies a day, you cannot say that the company or the product is bad!

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6 thoughts on “9 Famous Products Still Proudly Made in America”

  1. James Elliott

    I took my parents Waring blender with me to college. It was a wedding present to them in 1950. I still have it and use it regularly.

  2. We have a Lodge Dutch Oven and use it almost twice a week. It definitely meets all the great things that it claims to do. We have had ours for about two years, and wonder how we have gotten along without it for so many years.

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