9 Famous Products Still Proudly Made in America

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KitchenAid stand mixers

Look at any well-known baker, party chef, or even normal chef, and we guarantee that they will have a KitchenAid stand mixer in their kitchens! These stand mixers have risen to the status of stars and are must-have items in anyone’s kitchen, not only because of how useful they are but also because they are extremely durable.

And the best thing yet is that ever since 1941, they have been made in the same Ohio factory! Even today, the factory is still running and about 700 employees make sure everything’s ready to get on the shelves! The only downside is their price, but there’s nothing a little bit of budgeting can’t solve!

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8 thoughts on “9 Famous Products Still Proudly Made in America”

  1. James Elliott

    I took my parents Waring blender with me to college. It was a wedding present to them in 1950. I still have it and use it regularly.

  2. We have a Lodge Dutch Oven and use it almost twice a week. It definitely meets all the great things that it claims to do. We have had ours for about two years, and wonder how we have gotten along without it for so many years.

  3. Many Whirlpool and Maytag appliances are made in Mexico. The “Made in America” label actually means “Made in North America”.

    It’s interesting that there aren’t any automobiles on the list. It’s likely that some Toyota models are manufactured and assembled entirely in the United States.

    American Range, a factory in California, makes high-quality ovens and stove-tops. They’re pricey and worth the extra cost, in my experience.

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