6 Shocking Ways Trump Treated His Women in Private

donald trump women
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Remember when Donald J. Trump asked Rowanne Brewer Lane, who he had just met, to change out of her clothes? At the time, Ms. Brewer Lane was only 26 years old, and she immediately did what Mr. Trump had asked her, changing into a swimsuit (although she had no intention of swimming).

They were both at his Mar-a-Lago pool party, and curiously, it seems that Mr. Trump had his eyes on her. So, the young lady went into the bathroom and changed into what Mr. Trump had asked her for: a short bikini. This is a rather short recollection of how Trump used to treat women: a very familiar and casual way of insulting them, often protected from a safe distance on Twitter, a radio show, or even a campaign podium.

This is exactly how Trump acts around women: in a degrading, impersonal, and insulting manner. Remember when he told a woman that her dropping to her knees must be pretty nice? She was on “The Celebrity Apprentice”. Let’s dig into the way Trump privately treated these women.

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