5 Best and 5 Worst Presidents of All Time

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Best and Worst Presidents in American History

There is nothing new about making a list that ranks the U.S. presidents. There are plenty of historians and journalists who have already done it multiple times.

Usually, those rankings go a bit beyond just the political tactics of those presidents. But if you’re looking for an objective point of view, you came to the right place.

First things first… HONESTY! Presidents aren’t 100% responsible for everything that happens in America, so they shouldn’t be given credit or assigned blame for absolutely everything that goes right or wrong in our country.

Given all that, let’s discuss 5 presidents who are ranked as the best, and 5 presidents who, in our opinion, dragged us all down.

Let’s start with the winners. 

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27 thoughts on “5 Best and 5 Worst Presidents of All Time”

    1. I agree we was horrible and ruined our country. Especially the way he handled covid and then took credit for what the scientists did not him.

  1. I would bump Ike to 6th best, and move Theodore Roosevelt to FDR’s spot. On the worst list I would put Barack Obama somewhere on the list. Actually, I believe the 5 worst list should be expanded to 10.

    1. On top of the worst list should be Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump! Obama was one of the best. He would have been even better if the GOP hadn’t blocked everything he tried to do.

      1. No way for Reagan – trickle down economics did not work then and it sure doesn’t now. The rich get richer the poor are poorer.

    2. The worst ever is Trump. He’s a liar, crook and the most dishonest president we ever had in office. He’s a narcissist and took credit for things he never did including Covid. He will never be president again. I truly pray he goes to jail.

  2. You missed Trump under worse president ever! Hard to miss him since he lied almost 40,000 times while in office and almost took back the presidency, that he lost fair and square, through a violent insurrection. You can’t be a chicken Shit like everyone else or this country and the democracy we stand for will soon perish. Grow a pair dude!

  3. Ronald Reagan was one of the worst presidents ever. He was responsible for arming and training the contras. He made the rich richer and the poor poorer. He almost eliminated the middle class. We are still paying for his programs. Ollie North brought heavy drugs into the US (at Reagans request). Instead of going to jail, he ran for public office…and won. He was behind the prisoners being held captive until after the election. No Mr Nice Guy!! There’s more!

  4. I must agree with those who insist that Donald Trump was the worst president ever, by far! Trump is driven by his unbridled narcissism and completely blinded by his total lack of morality, humanity, and empathy! No president has been so persistently plagued by his unethical and illegal behavior, constant controversies, pathological lying, and 3 impeachments! No president has refused to accept and conceed to losing a legitimate election, and then helped to organize and precipitate a violent coup to have himself re-installed as president! What a total corrupt, amoral slimeball and horrible president! Yuck!

  5. Lyndon Johnson is given credit for helping with the Civil Rights movement. Politically speaking, he’s considered one of the best presidents.

  6. Trump whom I’ve met and conversed with, is by far the worst. He only cared for and acted for himseld. FDR, who, without due recourse, sent thousand of Japanese Amerricans to internment camps and had homes and businesses confiscated, should also be on the worst list. not the best.

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