NEVER Talk on the Phone in These 6 Places!

Do you talk on the phone in these places? Be careful, as it might be rude to do so!

Right now, the fact that our phones are an extension of ourselves is a reality. According to a 2023 Pew Research Center survey, 84% of Americans admit to occasionally using their phones in public situations.

But it is important to always remember that there is a pace and time for everything, and you can’t just talk on the phone in any place. Talking on the phone is not always appropriate, and if you want to avoid some awkward moments, it might be useful to know a little bit more about this.

You are about to find out about some places where silence is golden. Maybe some of them are obvious, but others truly surprised us. We know it might be tempting to answer, but here are the places you should never talk on the phone.

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1. Public restroom

Has this ever happened to you? Let’s say you are in a busy place where there is a lot of noise, and someone is calling you. Hearing them is almost impossible, so you decide to find some peace and quiet, and this is how you end up talking on the phone in a public restroom. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Yeah, we thought the same, but after a little bit of research, we found out that etiquette says that you should never talk on the phone in the restroom of a public space such as a shopping mall, cinema, or park.

But what is the explanation behind this? First of all, public restrooms are for basic necessities, not for meetings or catching up with friends. Also, when someone goes to the restroom, they need privacy, and talking on the phone is actually breaking some boundaries.

Next time you think to make a call or answer one from a public restroom, it would be polite to try and find another place that is less private and is now creating uncomfortable situations for everyone involved.

2. Salon

Going to the salon is all about self-care, but some people might see it as a place where you might spend a lot of time, and if this happens, why not make a call?

Actually, there are many reasons to not talk on the phone at the salon, and we’ll start with the most obvious one: you’re disrupting your stylist’s focus. Your hairstylists or your nail techs need a lot of concentration power to do their jobs, and we know you’re expecting them to deliver the best service. Unfortunately, an entire phone conversation might distract them from the task, and this might affect the quality of their work.

Besides this, you should respect fellow patrons. Those who go to the salon pay money just like you, and probably no one is there to hear your private conversations. Show a little bit of respect, don’t talk on the phone, and allow others to enjoy their own salon experience.

For urgent matters, you can try texting, and if this is not an option, excuse yourself politely and step out of the salon to talk on the phone.

3. Gym

Ok, so you want to achieve your fitness goals, and because of this, you go to the gym. This is great, but there is one thing that many people are unaware of or simply ignore: the gym is a place for sweat and dedication, and making phone calls isn’t part of any of those


Some might say that the gym is already a noisy place with the rhythmic clanging of weights and all the people, but you should respect this shared space, and talking on the phone can disrupt the whole environment.

People can be easily distracted from their workout routines, or maybe you spend too much time at one machine and make others wait for you while you are caught in a telephonic conversation.

Also, as this is a public space, it means that the entire gym can feel uncomfortable about getting personal details about you, and it is also dangerous to let other people hear those details about you. Try not to talk on the phone, and things will be okay.

4. Grocery store

Carts rolling, cashiers scanning, people walking around everywhere—this is the best representation of a grocery store, and because of this, you might say that it is completely acceptable to talk on the phone there. After all, it is already chaos!

But in this already distracting environment, talking on the phone might just add another thing that makes the job of grocery employees even harder. Also, you should try to respect the personal space of anyone who is in the store. A loud conversation can be disruptive, and no one is there to hear you talk with your friends or relatives. People are there for shopping, and no one should destroy their experience.

Also, standing in the checkout line and talking on the phone is even more rude than engaging in a phone call around the store and making sure everyone will stare at you. No one cares about your personal matters, but everyone cares about their personal space and peace.

talk on the phone
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5.  Hospital

We know that hospitals can be a place that creates stress and anxiety, and because of this, you want to stay connected to your loved ones. But as this is a sensitive experience for you, it is also for others, and this is why you should never talk on the phone at the hospital. At least not where other people might be disrupted by your call.

Also, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers need to be respected, and you can do this by keeping their environment quiet and proper for focusing. Loud phone calls might affect those who are facing challenges.

But you should understand that there are exceptions. If you need to update your family about a loved one or anything similar, no one will be bothered by a respectful call. Brief conversations are not the problem. Talking with friends about how your lives are going is what makes talking on the phone at the hospital disrespectful.

6. Movie theaters and performances

Most people are aware that talking on the phone during a movie or live performance is a big no-no. And you don’t even have to talk; just your phone ringing will annoy everyone and destroy the atmosphere!

These are shared experiences, and you should never talk on the phone during any of them, be it a concert or a movie. People are there to enjoy the performance, and any unwanted noises and distractions are simply not allowed.

Also, you should respect the people creating the captivating performance and never interfere with their flow. They worked hard to be there.

If there is an emergency, find a quiet spot outside the venue, and in this way, you can add to the call without disrupting anyone.

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