Who are the Most Hated Players in the NFL Right Now?

Can you guess who are the most hated players in the NFL? Here’s the list: 

It seems obvious that certain NFL players would rank among the most loathed individuals by fans and colleagues since football is a rough game characterized by large, ego-driven males fighting both on and off the field. Wow, that sounded pompous!

Anyway, many of these guys have succeeded in the NFL despite being the most vile players. While some players—like Kirk Cousins and Ezekiel Elliott—are hated by fans for their mediocre play on the field, other players—like Tyreek Hill and Deshaun Watson—have major off-field problems that have turned them into the sort of players that fans love to despise.

On the other hand, there are NFL players like Ndamukong Suh who you will never want to compete against. But enough with chit-chat, let’s get to the list because I bet you’re eager to see the ranking. Let’s go!

most hated players in the NFL
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1. Aaron Rodgers

Even though Aaron Rodgers is among the best players of all time, both teammates and fans detest him for his prickly attitude and perceived big ego. In November 2021, it was discovered that Rodgers had misled reporters about his COVID-19 vaccination status by claiming to be “immunized” when in fact he had not. Bad luck for him because he was forced to pay $14,650 for breaking NFL COVID-19 safety protocols as an unvaccinated player.

Before signing a contract with the New York Jets in April 2023, Aaron Rodgers was the star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for 18 seasons. Even if we can’t really contest his ability to play football, he is one of the most hated players in the NFL. Former teammates have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with Rodgers and his deficiency in leadership abilities.

2. Matt Araiza

The problem with Matt Araiza is more complicated, and this time he is hated for a good reason. If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you’re already familiar with this story. However, we will try to point it out again for the readers who don’t know anything about it.

Araiza was included as a defendant in a civil lawsuit in 2022. He and two SDSU teammates were charged with physically abusing a 17-year-old female at an off-campus party in 2021 when the victim was not yet of legal age in California.

Of course, he denied the accusations by publicly admitting that this didn’t happen as the mass media had supposed. His lawyer said that the girl lied about this just to get “money out of their pockets.” Oops!

3. Kareem Hunt

In 2017, Kareem Hunt had a fantastic rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs. But as happened with any of these NFL players, things couldn’t be just good for him either. If 2018 seemed to be another good season, a random video of Hunt hurting a woman at a hotel leaked all over the internet.

Of course, soon after everybody saw the video, the Chiefs let him loose (he’s since signed with the Cleveland Browns), and he recently got off suspension to try to rebuild his career and win back any football fans who would have him. Oh well…!

4. Deshaun Watson

Woah, on top of the most hated NFL players, is the one and only Deshaun Watson, who has been involved in various inappropriate behaviors toward women since 2021. A lawsuit has been filed against Watson by over twenty-one female massage therapists who claim he has harassed and assaulted them. And of course, he denied all the accusations.

After Watson was sidelined for the whole 2021 season due to issues with the Texans’ head management and various sexual misconduct lawsuits, he was traded to Cleveland. The NFL banned Watson for 11 games in the 2022 season.

5. Henry Ruggs

A 23-year-old lady and her dog perished in a vehicle accident that Henry Ruggs provoked in 2021 while under the influence. When an entitled millionaire drives recklessly and injures innocent bystanders in the process, there’s no one simpler to despise. Ruggs’ behavior was so horrible that the Las Vegas Raiders cut him, and he might not be around to play football for very long.

6. Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong From the beginning of his football career, Suh was known for being a cheap-shot artist. Suh has received many fines for his on-field infractions, which include kicking and stepping on opponents. Over the years, his dirty plays have decreased somewhat, but they still sometimes surface.

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most hated players in the NFL
Photo by WOSNsports, via Wikimedia Commons

7. Ezekiel Elliott

Perhaps all the requirements for being a despised NFL player are met by Ezekiel Elliot. Although he is definitely a good player, he was punished for breaking the personal conduct standard, he protested for a new contract during training camp, and maybe worst of all, he is a Dallas Cowboys player.

I guess deep down, we all hope that he will grow up and become a better man. Time will tell, most probably.

8. Baker Mayfield

Despite being a very talented player, he doesn’t exactly have a professional approach toward the squad. But many believe that his words will speak louder than his on-field success; he will likely go down in history as one of the most despised NFL players ever.

After all, nobody really likes a big mouth that can’t back it up. The decision belongs to him and we will see what the future brings.

9. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is what we can easily call a “diva.” Only this time we don’t speak about a Kardashian, but about a guy who is a bit unhinged when his team doesn’t seem to win the game. We can’t deny the fact that he is a really talented football player, but when most of the headlines are about your behavior and not about your actual game, it can be a bit disappointing for the fans.

10. Jalen Ramsey

Even though Jalen Ramsey is incredibly gifted, he also built a really bad reputation for himself over time. He always starts the game with an aggressive attitude, which contributes to part of it. A man like Ramsey, who frequently disagrees with teammates on the field, is bound to develop some enemies along the road and among the fans as well.

As with the other players mentioned above, he thinks he is entitled to have bad behavior because at the base he is a good football player. Bad news, man, because now you’re among the most hated players in 2024.

11. Tyreek Hill

Last but not least, there is the one and only Tyreek Hill, who, after an arrest, was fired from the Oklahoma State football team. Oh, well! It’s not like he didn’t deserve it anyway. Subsequently, Hill entered a guilty plea to the domestic violence against his girlfriend, who was carrying his child at the time of the attack.

He was the subject of a child abuse investigation during his time in the NFL after an incident that resulted in his son breaking his arm. On the field, Hill is an excellent player, but off it, his life choices aren’t exactly the best.

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