10 Most Dangerous States To Live in America (2022)

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Do YOU live in one of these dangerous states?

Violent crime rates have shot up in America since 2019, with FBI data showing a staggering 30% increase in the nation’s homicide rates — the highest single-year increase since the 1960s. Yet, during the same period, other crimes involving violence like rape, vandalism, or theft dropped.

2020 was an unusual year, with the global COVID-19 pandemic leading to economic uncertainty throughout the country and, of course, contested stay-at-home orders. According to a recent report conducted by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the United States came in 121st place out of a total of 165 countries in the “Top Most Peaceful Countries”.

So we thought it might be interesting to round up the 10 most dangerous states to live in, considering violent crime rates including assault, abuse, murder, and other serious crimes. Keep reading to find them out!

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