10 Celebrities Over 40 Showing Off Their Gorgeous Bodies

j lo
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4. Jennifer Lopez

At 53, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous singers in the world. Despite being in the music industry for nearly three decades, she doesn’t appear to have aged a day. She lives by the following saying: “Until you’re 25, you get the face you were born with, but after that age, you get the face you deserve.”

According to Lopez, you must be a beautiful, nice person on the inside if you want your face to reflect that. In other words, she believes we become how we act and what we think. Of course, there’s much more than just a way of thinking that helped Lopez maintain her youth.

The singer is also known for being a fitness lover and having a consistent workout routine. The fact that she’s also been following a healthy diet is also helping her to stay fit. But there’s one more thing here: according to the gorgeous singer, she refused to have Botox from a young age. In fact, she claims that she hasn’t ever had it to this day.

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